10 Landing page tips to increase your conversion (SaaS)

Let me share with you 10 hands-on tips for your (SaaS) landing page:

#1 Have a sticky CTA in the menu

#2 Have CTA Button in every section

#3 Powerful CTA

#3 Social proof section

#4 Headline matters (aim for 6 words headlines)

#5 Conversational tone

#6 Keep the copy short and easy to understand

#7 Add 'exit pop-ups' and engaging Lead Magnets

#8 Product Videos are powerful

#9 Sell benefits, not features

#10 Use High-quality product images

👉 Find more information on each of the tips in the full article: https://startupbusinesstips.substack.com/p/10-hands-on-tips-for-saas-pricing

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