Landing Page Feedback March 30, 2020

⚡ 10-Minute Startup


Had a quick idea that just I threw up. Could be a mini-newsletter but started on Twitter.

🙏 Any thoughts?

  • Bad Idea?
  • How to make it more useful?
  • Do you look at other products to learn?

Critical feedback is very welcome.

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    Love it, this is product equivalent of marketing examples

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      Haha! Love the simplicity of this Dru. Useful tips so far

      One thing that I stole from Steve Schoger was how he formats images. All them have the same background frame, and are the right twitter dimensions. (16/9). Personally, I think the little details matter.

      Might not be worth it for you. Just an idea.

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        That's a great point.

        Appreciate it. Feedback straight from the source 😆

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          Reminds me of Growth Design as well. Check them out.

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            This is great stuff. Thanks Harry

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      Yes lol. @harrydry knows I admire his work! 😉

      Thanks for checking it out Naveen :)

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    Simple and neat @dru_riley

    Would love to know your product selection mechanism and how you would evolve the idea?

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      Thanks Felix! You hit on the hardest part. So far it's been a backlog of ideas in my head. A few friends have sent some examples. And someone suggested that I engage users on Twitter and ask for their fav product examples.

      Taking it to the next level. Is a newsletter. Adding more value by grouping examples. And there are a lot of options from there. eBook? Sponsored product examples?

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    Very simple but cool idea!
    I look at successful ideas all the time, especially what works and what not.

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      Same here! Let me know if you have any ideas. I'd feature them and credit you.

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    Love it, great way to start building a community

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      Great point Wojtek!

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    This is cool Dru

    Currently been doing something similar with my newsletter's Twitter account:

    Aim to have a recognizable background for each post so that people know it's you.

    And if you're gonna start a newsletter on top of this. I recommend Substack.

    Good luck! :)

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      Appreciate that. Thanks Anthony 👍

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    Yes great idea!

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      Thanks for checking it out Kieran!

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    Great idea!

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      Thanks for checking it out Akhil. Keep us posted on how the year turns out 😉

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    Nice idea. I learnt quite a bit spending a few mins there.

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      That's great to hear Deepan. 👍 The hope is that makers can learn from lots of examples.

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    Followed :)

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      Thanks Anthony!

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    It reminds me to marketing examples! I like it so much mate!

    already following!

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      Thanks for checking it out. And I'm with you on that. Marketing Examples is amazing

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    Awesome idea!

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      Thanks Yaro!

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    Nice idea @dru_riley

    Monetization ideas:

    1. Create a free weekly email ( get sponsors on board )
    2. Create an ebook with lots of examples ( sell ads in it / charge for book )


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      Great ideas Craig! And those seem like natural next steps. Thanks!

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    Great way to start with a minimum barrier to test the idea! How did you already start getting follwers?

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      Hey! Thanks for checking it out.

      1. Went to a small (10 people) slack group for feedback
      2. Then asked for feedback on my personal Twitter account
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    I don't think one line will do for those (like me), who are not in the UX/UI space.

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      Thanks for checking it out Nikola! And giving feedback.

      I had people in mind who need examples to understand. Like me, I think in models. Show me a lot of examples of the same idea, then it clicks.

      But great point, we are different.

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    Following, keep them coming.

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      Thanks! Will do! 😄

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      This is great feedback.

      I thought about @harrydry while mocking it up. But that's a great point. He references RefactoringUI too. I've heard podcasts from them but clearly need to dig deeper.

      Thanks Steven!

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        This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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          Will do! 👍