Productized Services April 7, 2020

100 Examples of Productized Services (2020)

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    Hey @Vinrob this is very useful :)

    Would be great to see Submit Juice on the list!

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    What's a good definition for "Productized Services"?

    Google tells me this:

    A productized service is often created out of a service that you've delivered before as a freelancer or at a previous job. That means you've already seen first hand that clients/companies have been willing to pay for such a solution. - 20 aug. 2014

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      I would define it as:
      A service that follows strict processes, which produces precisely defined deliverables for a fixed price. Productized services are usually easier/faster to sell than consulting services, because they require less customizations and the customer knows exactly what "product" he gets in the end.

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    Thanks for sharing this link!
    @Vinrob, Upvoty is not a productized service.

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      You're right! Removing :)

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    This is an invaluable find. Thanks!

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    Great Stuff Rosie! Good to see Publicize and Howler on the list.

    We have two services which we have productized:
    Promotehour: - where we help startups get a press coverage a one-time fixed price.
    Listhour: - we submit a startup on 100+ startup directories.

    Hope you find them worthy enough to put on the list :)

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      It's not my list, it's by @Vinrob