Growth March 31, 2020

🚀 — 100 Followers in < 40 Days

John Saddington @8bit

Yes, this is a bit meta, but, I thought I'd share a few thoughts on what I've done to build a 3-figure following in just a 1 month and 9 days; 38 days, to be precise.

On Feb 21st, I made my first comment, responding to @rosiesherry's weekly welcome question!


And when I woke up this morning, March 30th, I discovered that I had 100 total followers (and 430 points) as the featured image at the top shows.

Now, let me be clear: My intent and goal WAS NEVER to get a large following; anything but that! I've described in clear terms how I think about these sort of things!

But, growth... that's an entirely different (and scientific) thing! We all know that growth is valuable to research, analyze, and understand, especially for business and community building!

What I did was quite simple: I showed up and helped out as best I could.

... if you were looking for a more dignified and "strategic" answer, well, I apologize because I don't really have one.

I can expand and be more specific perhaps? Okay, that sounds fine:

The Right Mix: Calendar & Schedule + Commitment to Data

One of the things that I teach on Day #1 of YEN.CAMP is that to be an effective community builder requires discipline and a real commitment to data.

You see, the difference between a good community builder (and business builder) and a great one is their commitment to understanding how the fundamentals of growth actually work — like collecting data around growth over periods of time.

But, to get there, you have to be consistent with your work so you can qualify if it's objectively good work or bad (i.e. low return on investment). In other words, creating a simple calendar can make all the difference for even the most sophisticated of entrepreneurs:


So, when I first started hanging out here I simply made a commitment to show up, on the regular, and engage in a helpful and friendly manner.

Specifically, I wrote a ton of comments and a handful of longer-form articles. I even did a really fun AMA!

****pst: I'll still take questions if you want!

Over time, I've earned the right for folks to follow and subscribe to the work that I'm doing and I'm slowly building and earning their trust. You see, a follower count is nothing more than a lagging indicator of a connection that was made based on the currency of trust.

And this is how I build not only communities but also how I build companies (and I do it in that order).

It's been so much fun to be here with all of you and I'm so glad to be able to call myself an Indie Hacker!

... although I've been calling myself that for quite some time... but, who cares...!

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    You forgot to mention that just being cool automatically adds 20 followers.

    1. 1

      lolololol. :P

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    Wait.. so all you do is write stuff online? So what are your combined stats and for how long have you been doing this?

    1. 1

      what do you mean? i've spent less then 40 days on this site... just helping out.

      but, i'm obviously running a company behind the scenes... a ton of things to do as well... like leading my team and building software.

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        hmm, maybe you misunderstood. I love it that you have a schedule for writing. For the first time I'm considering one. I've also looked into YEN - looks like real stuff. I also looked through your bookmarks in that video-response you did - it looks like you take a lot of care with your work.

        I was just wondering if you have 100 followers here, how much do you have elsewhere :)

        1. 1

          omg. you're right. sorry.

          here are some thoughts on where i spend my time... at least atm.

          mainly, it's twitter, youtube, and indie hackers. i then spend a ton of time in my small, private community platform with my customers and folks i'm coaching and mentoring on business and community building.


          i try to focus my time as best as i can!

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    Great approach, like the planning document. Going to try that out myself.

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      it's really simple — why not? helps you know if you're doing a good job.