Deals July 6, 2020

100 hours of Free Growth advice/tips for founders & makers (english + spanish)

Jose Bermejo @josberco

Hi Indiehackers!

I'm glad to announce 100 hours of FREE advice/tips for founders & makers during July! Join other mentors and other founders in a new tips format open for everybody willing to join and learn together!

1. The format:

  • Every Week Day during July we'll host 2 calls to help founders and makers with their early-stage issues.
  • Sign-in with your email in our home page
  • From there, you will be redirected you to our discord server. Once there take a look at the channels and resources, and then join the coffee and tips live room. Check the calls schedule in the events channel.
  • Everybody can enter the room, ask, listen, and participate! Let's learn together!
  • If you want, you can participate in other GrowthSeeker channels on the platform. The experience is gamified with prizes as you earn experience levels.

2. Schedule:

  • Every weekday of July 7AM to 9AM PST + 4PM tp 6PM PST.

3. What to expect?

Meeting other founders/makers + advice/tips on:

✅ Value Proposition Design
✅ Define and find your audience
✅ Test your idea in the market
✅ What is your unfair advantage, and how to leverage it? (strategic positioning)
✅ How to build a profitable business model?
✅ Where and how to grow? (GoToMarket Strategy)
✅ Speed-up your problem-solution fit

4. For the good of everyone:

  • All the people in the room can benefit from other's conversations. It's an open talk for everybody joining the room during the scheduled times.
  • Be gentle with our fellow community. We are all trying to learn and grow :)

We hope we can be helpful for you providing valuable thoughts and reflections. We'll be waiting for you on the room to talk!

Thank you all!!