100 simple, powerful ideas to promote your SAAS startup's content marketing in 2019🔥 🚀 What's yours?

Lots of us are using content marketing to drive inbound leads but often our content falls on death ears. Today I created a list of 100 ideas for promoting your content marketing. I've posted a bunch of them below, and you can read the full list over on my LinkedIn post here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/100-simple-powerful-ideas-promote-your-saas-startups-content-oliver/?published=t

The ideas

Leverage your existing platforms

  • Schedule posts promoting the content across your social channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • Add the link to your social profile bios.
  • Pin these posts to the top of your social profiles.
  • Re-work and re-post the best-performing promotional posts regularly.
  • Try new angles promoting the same content. Try excerpts, stats, or testimonials.
  • Use video assets [screen records or animations] to increase click through rates
  • Promote the content in your newsletter.
  • Then add it to your next three newsletters too.
  • Send it to people who previously attended your webinar or events.
  • Promote the content to your Intercom users.
  • Add it to your website footer or menu.
  • Add a popup overlay or slide-in with a CTA to download or view it, across your website.
  • Add text links from your best performing content directly to the new content.
  • Pin the content to your top of your blog.
  • Add a CTA across your blog into the content.

Leverage your team and network

  • Keep going.
    *Reach out to your team on Slack and encourage them to post it on their own social channels, and engage with the company posts - share, like or comment.
  • Have sales and marketing reach out to leads and customers with a link to the content.
  • Have your whole team add a link to the content in their email signature.

Share in relevant communities

*Don't stop now. Create a Notion CRM detailing all of the communities your buyer persona may visit.

  • Consider Subreddits, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups, Slack channels, Hacker News and Quora.
  • And specific communities that are relevant to your persona. Try Indie Hackers, Product Hunt or google '#niche communities' to get started.
  • Share your content with those groups - but don't be a dick.
  • Reply to 10 relevant posts with advice and link to your content.
  • Leave a comment on 5 relevant Medium posts and gracefully link to your content.
    *Reach out to professional or members' organisations who may share the content.

I'm keen to hear (and add) more ideas from the community so please comment below if you have any.

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    Bonus: submit and verify it on SaaSHub, Capterra, GetApp and other relevant software marketplaces.

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      Thank you. I’ll add it to my list on LinkedIn, it’s a great idea.

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    This is a good list, thank you

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      Thank you for replying! Let me know if you have any questions.

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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