10000+ trusted sources to get your first paying clients.

As an Entrepreneur , I have found that one of the biggest deals for new startups, companies or even side hustlers is getting those first paying clients.

I searched for tools which could help me find a curated list of all the places my startup needed to be.

While there are a few services, they’re either outdated (making most of the data useless), or too niche (only journalists or just newsletters).

There were not many tools which were a one stop solution. So we created Growth List, a one stop solution to find new paying clients.

we have curated a list of 150+ Directories
6000+ Journalists
150+ Guest Posts Blogs
100+ Active Github Users
200+ Slack Communities
400+ Newsletters
100+Quora Q&As
Although we are mentioning less on the website, We actually provide users with more than 15k sources( Its one of the surprises we give to our users:).

Just in case if any user finds any contact outdated we provide them 5+ new exclusive contact for every outdated contact.
Its just one part of the problem, the other part is content marketing. We even take care of that. We provide with high quality blogs and publish on Medium, Indie Hackers, Hacker News, Linkedin, Reddit and any other website they want.

Its still in mvp mode, we also launched it in Product Hunt yesterday!

For our indiehackers members we are also offering some free sources, just mail us from our site and pls mention you got to know about us from IndieHackers.


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    Is there a way to filter your sources for B2B or B2C and also for specific industries, etc.? I think having different sources for finding first customers is really valuable, but more important is actually to find the right customers (your persona), especially if you target b2b or prosumers. Any chance to see a preview of the list?

    1. 1

      Totally agreed, We have divided our sources jnto categories like journalists from gaming industry to tech industry and newsletters sorted by subscribers and what topic their based on.
      You can mail me directly, dm me or mail our team from website so that we can send you a list to preview our sources!

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