101 days of building in public + examples, here's the outcome...

Many #Buildinginpublic posts on Twitter that no one cares about. So I made a twist. 101 days ago, I started to learn new skills in public. Today, I turned my new skills into a side hustle.

Why did I start this project?

I chose illustration design because I have always been fascinated by the power of illustration. I follow a group of designers and have been using some of their works.

One day, I was looking for minimal illustrations to help visualize my marketing materials. I found some good works, but still can't match the tone of my work.

I was like. How about I learn to make it? And make my own collection?

How I learn the skill and building in public?

101 days of learning in public

Instead of building things, I slightly changed the direction of learning new skills.

I taught myself UI/UX design 4 years ago. Since then, I have been constantly learning about the latest design trends. But illustration design is a completely unique universe. It involves many observations, sketching techniques, knowledge of color matching, and humor.

I challenge myself to make an illustration design every day. Start with ideas, sketches, mockups, and adding details over the course of 101 days. Here are some of my favorite designs:

Domestika online course

There's this motto "If you want to master new skills, earn from the experts." Facebook heard my voice and showed me these wonderful courses from Domestika.

Bought 3 courses immediately and started diving into them. These courses made me realize the importance of establishing a good foundation.

I returned to the basics: pencil and paper. After the course, I was proud to show everyone a mini collection of my sketchbooks.

Constantly pinning and reading portfolio

Learning and practicing are not enough. You also need to stay out of the way. This is why I keep reading and discovering inspirations from fellow designers.

Pinterest and Behance are the answers. I find it useful because I will find a new design every time I refresh. The more I read, the more I can narrow down my design direction.

Some cool designs I found:

alt text

alt text

What is Abstract?

I received so much feedback and suggestions throughout the learning in public journey. Therefore, I turned these responses into my 4th side hustle.

Introducing Abstract - Illustrations for startups, founders, and many more. It's how you visualize your work everywhere with high quality design.

Now you can see my website in action. A cup of coffee = taking home 15 unique minimal illustrations, 3 color themes too.

I also realize that there are a huge diversity and inclusion gap in illustration design. Therefore, I want to take a leap and serve the community. Stay tuned!

Next post: I'm going to share my performance and marketing strategies.

Thanks for reading. Keen to hear your thoughts.

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    I really like this idea but my opinion would be you need to re-think your approach to creating packs... your upcoming packs have the names Bluee, Pipoz, and Linesss. You're thinking too much like an illustrator and illustrators aren't your customers.

    When I have purchased illustrated graphics in the past for projects it fits the theme of my project. Something like all illustrated arrows to layer onto other graphics or screenshots.

    I think your first pack is too all over the place, you went too general. How is someone going to use wine glasses and a search icon and a dog walker and someone singing into a microphone and someone presenting? This looks more like a proof of concept. I think you should niche down to packs focused around office work, icons, sports/leisure activities, food/drink, emotions, school life, etc.

    Just my 2 cents... don't give people packs based on drawing style, sell them as assets for a specific use-case that someone will see themselves using most or all of the graphics in the pack.

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