10x Your Content Reach With A Content Distribution Strategy

If clicking on the ‘Publish’ button is the end of content distribution, then you’re wasting the true potential of content assets.

Here’s how you can 10x your content reach with a distribution strategy:

blog distribution strategy

1/ Immediate distribution

There are various places where you can share your article to reach a new and relevant audience.

These platforms are →

  • Medium posts (Import the article and get a canonical tag to the original piece)
    Quora posts (Share the article link with relevant tag)

  • LinkedIn article (Publish your content as a LinkedIn article. To drive people from LinkedIn to your site, add something like “read the complete article here.”)

2/ Expand your blog article

Repurposing is not a copy-paste method to distribute content from one channel to another. You need to expand the content.

Turn the article into a Slideshare presentation:

It’s not necessary to make your presentation text-heavy. Add charts, visuals, graphs to do storytelling with your content.

Create micro-content

Surely, your blog post will have multiple sub-topics covered. Consider each sub-topics into a separate social media post.

FB, LinkedIn groups

Whether B2B or B2C, you may find your ideal customer hanging out on LinkedIn or Fb groups. Don’t just share the link to the article.

Instead, let them know how this content is going to make their life easier.

3/Make the extra effort

Social media isn’t the only place where your audience is spending time. For example, if you’re into startups, businesses, there are valuable communities such as Indiehackers, Hacker News, and more.

To find these communities, type ‘Top [your niche] communities.’

This will show you all the possible places to distribute your content and generate ROI for your business.

That's all.

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P.S This content is Originally posted in RubyMediaGroup as a contributor quote.

  1. 1

    Just a fun fact: This content is part of the contributor quote I shared for a website. So, though of not wasting the effort 😇

  2. 1


    As a content repurposing lover and advocate I have read so many of these guides, but none have come close to this one... You should feel proud <3

    One question, do you use any tools or automation platforms to speed up or go hands free on this?

    1. 1

      That's a pretty big compliment. Glad you found this useful.
      For my personal content, I do it all manually.

      For clients, I use Publer.

      But the key thing is any automation tool can't personalize the content based on the platform.

      Twitter → Threads
      LinkedIn → Customizing the CTAs/intro
      Indiehackers → Make it contextual for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

      Just copy-paste doesn't work from my exp.

  3. 1

    Great framework. What main social media would recommend: FB and LI? I’m trying to get hooked into quora but it just doesn’t click…

    1. 1

      It totally depends on the audience we want to reach. For promoting my newsletter, I found Indiehackers, FB groups, and LinkedIn groups great.

      If there are enough people in FB or Linkedin groups (related to your niche), I'd suggest giving this a try.

      LinkedIn groups worked well for one of my clients (B2B legal service niche).

      1. 1

        That makes a lot of sense.

        How was your discovery journey? Did you have to go through all of them to figure out which one ended up being the best?

        1. 1

          Yes, I have tried to know if it is going to work for me. Fortunately, most of the platforms worked except LinkedIn 😅

          1. 1

            Maybe because LinkedIn has its own SEO? Or is it more related to conversion when you say ‘LI doesn’t work’?

            1. 1

              Not saying LI doesn't work. Many are doing great there. But don't know why I didn't get the traction on LI. Or, maybe I gave up too early.

              1. 1

                So here is where I'm coming from: I write weekly on Substack and I wonder if I should be leveraging on the content that is already there. Posting it on a weekly basis across different platforms and checking the performance would probably give a more 'static' way to compare side by side.

                1. 1

                  Yeah, I'd recommend you to distribute your newsletter content across multiple channels.

                  One thing you need to do is enable UTM tracking so you can understand which platforms are working well.
                  Btw I am also on Substack: https://contentmarketingvip.substack.com/

                  You can share the substack URL too. Woud love to join.

                  1. 1

                    Just subscribed. Looking forward to receiving more content on how to improve my newsletter and website performance!

                    Please feel free to give feedbacks on my writing style (according to SEO experts my writing is 'cute' but not effective...)


                    1. 1

                      Sure, subscribed too. Will share my thoughts :)

  4. 1

    Good advices. Whast the other communites you are using beside IndieHackers?

    1. 2

      Almost 20-30% of traffic to my personal blog comes from FB groups (2-4). Other than that IH, LinkedIn groups. and recently started with Quora.

  5. 1

    That's good advice. Thanks for sharing

  6. 1

    Interesting and insightful!

    It's very efficient and smart to get as much as you can out of your content using these tips!

    Also, what I like is that you practice what you preach!
    I've noticed that you've used your advice for LinkedIn articles and applied it here.


    1. 1

      Yes, I always try to get the first-hand experience before sharing stuff. For me, it is a must-have to increase the content reach.
      Thanks for the appreciation :)

  7. 1

    Yes! It's not only about creating new content again and again but also promoting old ones. Content repurposing is super important for brands.

    1. 1

      True! Content distribution should be as important as creating new content pieces.

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