11 Domains Gone

Well that was fun.

Yesterday I've released a list of 1k+ available domains on Product Hunt, check that out if you've missed. Called it Product Treasury thanks to @karmabot. I've listed it on Ko-Fi just to see the numbers, within 24 hours it's downloaded by 90+ people. And now I've recheck the list to see how many domains got bought and 11 has gone. Whaat :) Get ready for 11 new products from fellow indiehackers.

Over the past 5-6 months I've been trying to sell stuff here and there. I've manage to earn about $280. A post on IH inspired me to reach $1k before the end of 2020. Goal was appending a 0 every year, if I manage to hit 1k, work towards that goal. I should be able to do the same for the 10k. It's always harder to get the first $$, right?


I worked hard, I thought it wasn't possible (I started too late). But it's exhausting. Why am I telling this. Again on another post on IH where people talk about something similar to "Would you be still an indiehacker after you get rich". Like why are we doing this just to get rich, what's next? Are we doing the stuff that brings us joy. Well again on IH, under a post;


This was the cure to my current situation. I burned myself to get paid fast as possible that I forget to enjoy the journey. I woke up to 10+ notifications on IH, 8 followers on Ko-Fi also in my inbox and to my surprise, Jonathan paid $1 to download the list. That was also unexpected and felt good as earning that $280 maybe more. Of course we bound to earn money but we also need to hear some good stuff time to time. A little bit of appreciation helps a lot along the road.

So if you are stuck, just don't. It's a weird advise as it sounds but just do something else for a while, it'll help you to get back on your feet. I'm also working on some silly project that'll allow exporting substack newsletters as pdf (because why not :D). I'm thinking of making it available for everyone aswell. We'll see. Have a good day and don't feel down! Deal.

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    Glad it worked for you!

    1. 1

      Definitely, thanks for the suggestion!

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    @anilkilic nice! Have you been mostly focusing on selling marketing data like the domains list? If so, where have you tried to sell them?

    1. 1

      Thanks Glench. I'm new to the scene and I don't know where to go. I'm mostly trying to sell stuff like this domain list or twitter data which doesn't require customer support etc. Just to learn "entrepreneurship" before diving into offering services. However I'm stuck on distribution channels. I only post them about indiehackers, recently I tried to put a landing page for one of the products and it didn't go well, posted it on reddit and hn. Not a leaf moved.

      Do you know anywhere that I should go?

      1. 1

        Well marketing is definitely not my forte so I don't really know. I was wondering if there was a market for this kind of data since I have a data source I think will be valuable but was wondering how to sell the data.

        1. 1

          I see, I haven't found a marketplace so far. However there are a few more people selling this kind of stuff If you'd like to check their milestones.


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    Update: After ~48h
    110 downloads and 19 domains were gone.

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