$1125 MRR in 3 months after launch! So happy!

I want to share with you this happy moment and stay in it for a bit myself.
I am so proud of the team that we made it to this point.

We did so many projects over the 7 years. Many of them were never released. Many of them were released but without any success.

I am so happy that we made it to this point. So many lessons learned over the course.

We started Welder 6 months ago as a response to what’s happening in the world.

Few lessons learned over the 6 months.

  • Don’t start a business when you need cash. Have a side hustle to keep you above water so you are not pressed by the cash situation
  • Do your homework. Check what’s already out there, check who is using the solution that is out there, make a hypothesis on who is your customer and how will your product solve their problem
  • Validate. You now have a hypothesis, you need to validate if it’s right. Do a quick prototype, landing page or even manifesto and reach out to your potential customers.
  • Leverage ads. Ads are a simple way to reach the mass of your potential customers in a matter of days and see the response they have to your hypothesis. It’s good to have them sign up somewhere so you can talk to them.
  • Talk to your potential customers. A lot. Reach out to everyone who signed up and schedule a short call where you help THEM to get most out of your “product”. Ask them about their current processes and see where their pain is.
  • Be critical. If you now see that your product is not REALLY solving any of their problems, think about pivoting. You should have enough data to see other problems that need to be solved.
  • Define your target audience. Yeah this one is hard but super important. If you want to have a PMF, you need to have an audience for which your product will be the product-market fit. If you feel your audience is too broad right now, try to scope it. Do another hypothesis on what could be the best audience and focus on reaching out to them. Understand them.
  • Think big, move fast, adapt a lot. Your greatest advantage is the combo of your passion and your speed. You will make a lot of mistakes on the way, be ready to change and adapt to the new learnings.
  • Be patient. All things take time, your customers are having their own troubles, they need to make their mind, Google ranking takes time, making a noise in a community takes time, having core fans that do a strong word of mouth takes time. That’s why you need to be sustainable and not do this for quick cash in the first place.
  • If you are patient, you think big, but make hypotheses and validate them on your customers to get data and make decisions on what to make based on that you have a high chance of success.

Good luck to all of you!

By the way we decided to launch 12 projects in 12 weeks. And we just started the first sprint! We will share the whole process and also the access to the backstage on why, how and what we actually do. Check it out on my LinkedIn

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    This is awesome!! I just shared your tweet on the Build in Public Twitter - Congratz! (https://twitter.com/buildinpublic_/status/1323690911906353155?s=20)

  2. 4

    Thanks for sharing amazing value 😍

    1. 1

      Happy to! There will be more for sure :)

  3. 3

    Wow. What a great and inspiring side of behind the scenes. Wishing you luck for the future too.

    1. 1

      Thank you! And glad you like it!

  4. 3

    The part about "talk to your users/ customers" is the one that I'm more impressed about in what you did man! As a cofounder, I have to say that you did an excellent job on this and it had a major impact in sales!

    Let's keep pushing with the 12 projects in 12 weeks to leverage the power of content creation !

    1. 2

      Thanks, Jordan, it's really one of the most important things to do on a project. Let's push the 12/12 now!

  5. 2

    Is there a way I can upvote this post twice?

    1. 2

      Haha, wait for the next post! :D

  6. 1

    Congratulations Johan!! I checked it out and Welder looks super cool. The video you have on your home page is my favorite bit.

    Best of luck and good fortune on your future endeavors! If I ever start a podcast, I'm using your product. :)

    1. 1

      Haha thank you! We love that so much!

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