12 new organic b2b growthmarketing strategies for your business

Test the following 12 organic B2B growth marketing strategies for your startup and find out what works best for you.

Inbound Strategies:

1 Content on LinkedIn

2 Content on Twitter

3 Start a Podcast

4 Youtube Channel

5 SEO (Blog Posts)

6 Find your niche on Product Hunt, Reddit & Indiehackers

7 Referral Program

Outbound Strategies:

8 Cold Email (personalize)

9 Sales letter (in envelopes) for large deal sizes

10 Cold Calling

Marketplaces & Partnerships:

11 Marketplaces like Chrome Extensions, Salesforce Appexchange, Hubspot Ecosystem, Shopify Appstore, or Zoom Marketplace

12 Partnership & Co-marketing

👉 Link to the full article: https://startupbusinesstips.substack.com/p/12-organic-b2b-growth-marketing-strategies

What b2b growth marketing strategies work best for your startup?

  1. 1

    Good stuff, I'm still internally debating whether to use Cold Emails for promoting BotMeNot, and I'm still undecided.

    1. 1

      I would say you should test it and track results. If the first tests show positive returns, spend more resources/time on it.

      P.S. I would work a bit on your landing page structure and design. Some tips you will find here: https://startupbusinesstips.substack.com/p/10-landing-page-tips-to-increase

      1. 1

        Thanks! Will look into it.

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