12 takeaways from Julian's AMA on how to grow your startup

In an effort to get logging and writing a bit more I thought it would be useful to #recap Julian's recent AMA.

Marketing and growth is something that indie hackers are always asking about and looking for inspiration for. Myself included. I always find it useful to see what others have to say on the topic.

Here is what I have...

  • When using an ad channel for growth, Julian advises to prioritize whichever actually lets you narrowly identify your target audience. so you don't waste ad dollars. Toy around with the likes of Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest to figure out what is the best fit. And think carefully about the keywords you want to use for targeting!
  • Growth marketing is key for IHers, Julian's course is suitable for those wanting to grow their indie business. Or looking at the curriculum and see what you need to learn :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Most growth works best with a launched product. One way to capture interest before growth is with a landing page and a drip email sequence.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform for business and entrepreneurial out reach. It's terrible for ads. If you do use ads, consider re-targetting for Instagram and Facebook.
  • Pinterest + Instagram + retargetting could be a nice combination for arts and visual projects.
  • It's always worth asking if tools (like branch.io, appsflyer, mixpanel, heap) have affordable plans for those on a indie/tight budget
  • Check Nat Eliason's guide to learn about content marketing -
  • Use reddit to build up back links
  • There's probably no universal way to apply growth tactics, but this training sample might help as would Julian's Growth Guide. Consider hiring in help to learn from how they would go about it.
  • Most content shared on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is ignored unless you already have a big audience there. in which case, definitely promote it!
  • Pinterest can be easier to get results with, compared to Facebook or Twitter
  • For high value, agency-like services, focus on word of mouth, content, referrals

(On a personal note, I enjoy the process of writing notes and summarising things. I hope to do some more of it in the future and if you'd like to join in just hashtag it with #recap - we could do it for podcasts, office hours, AMAs, etc!)

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