14 eBook pre-orders in the last 48 hours!

Hi all,

I launched the pre-orders for my eBook - Zero To PM : A handy guide for aspiring product managers - on May 14, 2021.

Here's how the stats look like after 48 hours -

  • 590 landing page views from 458 unique users .
  • 197 views of Gumroad page.
  • 14 pre-orders.
  • $70 in revenue.

ebook - stats
Got only 1 sale in the past 24 hours. My goal is to get to at least $20 pre-orders before the launch on May 20 th, 2021.

Would you please take a look at the landing page and provide feedback to improve conversion ?


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    I think your landing page is missing something about the author - you. Why should people buy from you and what experiences of Product Management do you have? Give them compelling reasons.

    Have a look at what I had done for my interviewing skills book: http://gum.co/nailthatinterview

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      Oops just noticed @fiore had already suggested the same. :) Great minds.

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        Haha. Indeed - great minds think alike!

        Thanks so much @eisabai .

        Had a look at your Gumroad page. Totally lit !

        I'll add the "About the author" section tonight .

        Thanks again :)

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    Hi - I have a similar idea but I haven't written the content yet - congrats for actually writing the ebook! - about some tips: one big thing missing is your credentials - who are you? why should I trust you? Why should I give you my money? If you can show me you're xyz at abc corp, with a link to your LinkedIn that confirms you are who you say you are, I might be more interested in reading (and paying!) what you have to say!

    good luck!

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      Thanks so much @fiore .

      So, my thought process was that the home page which is a curated list of product management articles has the "About me" section so this page wouldn't need one. But I realize now that I have been posting the direct link to this page and this page is indeed missing my credentials.

      Thanks again :)

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    @fiore and @eisabai : Thanks so much again. I have added the About Author section to the landing page :)

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    Congrats Akshay on the launch.

    How are you promoting this book and making sales?

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      Thanks, @liveashish . I'm promoting the book on Linkedin and twitter by being open about the stats, putting in a self-plug wherever possible.

      I had also collected over 100 emails of people who had shown interest in the ebook.
      Have 23 pre-orders till now. If you have any other tips to improve conversion, would love to know :)

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