150 new signup in 24h with a single Reddit post

Our launch strategy at Logology is to learn & iterate. We try to add at least one significant new feature every week and get feedback on it. That way we can adapt the product to the demand quickly.

After a total redesign of our landing page, changes to the signup flow and adding activity-based logos we thought that we were ready to launch to a medium-size subreddit: /r/startup (without the 's')


I posted logology on a few subreddits before and it was not that great: never more than 10 upvotes, few visits on the homepage, and a handful of signups, and comments.
But this time, it happened!
enter image description hereWe got a MAJOR spike of users, yesterday more than 350 uniques visitors (that's our best!). In total this post brought more than 500 people to Logology!


Thanks to the new signup form, on the ~500 visitors, we got a LOT more account created. For 24h we were getting Slack notifications all the time, telling us: "Hey, you got a new signup!"
Almost 25% of visitors completed our intro questionnaire, created an account, and viewed our logos!

That validates fully the 2 major change that we made:

  • the new homepage conversion is way higher than the old one (50% vs 10%)
  • the signup flow is way better. Again 50% of the people that start the questionnaire create an account!

Reddit impact

The Reddit post went crazy:
enter image description hereWe got 59 upvotes (the max on this sub is 62!!!!), we're in the top 3 of ALL TIME!
We also got a lot of comments, feedback, chat, etc… All of them are encouraging. After the IH tweet of last week, it feels so good :)


  • Prepare to launch, don't go big too early. We clearly wouldn't have had this impact if we launched even 2 weeks ago on this sub.
  • Try hard. I posted on a few subs before this one. I got almost rejected with super negative comments, no upvote, etc… That's ok, just learn & adapt!
  • Be honest. We're still in beta, some users found bugs, some are not 100% happy. Again, that's ok. Be honest with them, and try to understand what they really want and how you can help them even more!
  • Once validated, go bigger. We validated a lot of things with this 48h of high traffic. Now the traffic is going down again, it's time to analyze what happens and plan for the next (bigger) launch.
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    Inspiring story! I'm just getting started on Reddit and have found it a great way to connect with audiences. I like your advice:

    Prepare to launch, don't go big too early. We clearly wouldn't have had this impact if we launched even 2 weeks ago on this sub.

  2. 2

    Can you self-promote on r/startup? I know it's frowned upon on r/startups, have you tried your luck there too?

    1. 1

      Not yet! There is a weekly post where you can self-promote, I did not try yet!
      /r/startups is HUGE, we wanted to make some iterations before posting there
      But, you can self-promote on startup!

      1. 2

        That's good to know, I'll join r/startup too then :)

  3. 2

    Well done Xavier - I just +1'd you there too. Reddit can be a wild ride :-)

    1. 1

      Thx! Yes it seems so, i'll try to ride a bigger wave next time (/r/startups here I come :D)

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    This is very useful post, made a bookmark

    I've never used reddit, wanted to ask you: does actively commenting others posts is useful for yourself promotion? I mean, if I've just singed up and post this is one story. If before posting I spend some time talking in reddit (in any subreddits), does it affect my chances of successful posting at all?

    Also, do you have some list of subreddits where you posted before?

    1. 2

      Reddit is a group of community, each subreddit have his own with his own rules. So, yes, the more you participate the more followers you have, and the more your content is pushed by the community (like here). But you can totally post if you're new, that's what I did in /startup. My only advice is: try to stick to the habit of the sub. I do it by checking the most upvoted post and try to copy the format of it.

      Also, Reddit works with karma, that's some points you get when you comment/post content. The more karma you have the more credible you are, and some subreddits don't allow members below xx karma to post.

      I posted to:

      • r/alphaandbetausers/
      • r/roastmystartup/
      • r/indiebiz
      • r/advancedentrepreneur

      There are "small" subs, I have a few of them way bigger in my todo list! (I was wondering if someone would be interested of a list of whereToPostMyProject)

      1. 2

        Thanks for such a detailed answer! :) Yeah, everybody is interested in such lists I guess

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    I tried logology out and I wanted to give you some feedback on it:

    • If you just want a quick logo, the 20 questions with long answers really take a lot of time and made me quite impacient.
    • I couldnt really answer some questions, but there was no way to select "No answers make sense" or something like that, so I had to pick a random answer.
    • Its too expensive for me (80 bucks for a logo where I only get to customize the background color?)
    • the logos seem very basic and look like they could be recreated in an hour at most (which takes away the "logo part" of the price) and the colors themselves cant be protected in any way so just picking them off the site is easy enough. I would recommend adding a lot more customization options and also a tiered pricing model.

    From a developer perspective, having no favicon (on all pages) or title (on the logo customization page) is a bit strange, adding a title is 1 single html tag, same for favicons (why would you not add them?)

    But from a business perspective, I can see some plus sides too:

    • The long "introduction/logo finding" process makes the generator look more profound and serious, as well as the long descriptions of each color. I can imagine that this will convince some people that the 80 bucks are worth it.
    • The website looks handcrafted and unique which also adds to the perception of seriousness
    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for the very detailed feedback!

      • Yes, the questions are sometimes hard to choose, but we need them to determine your branding! We tried to concentrate a real design brief into a few questions.
      • The logo can feel "basic" and of course, you can copy the colors & the shape. But how much time do you need to copy the McDonald's or Nike logos? Not that much uh? They look simple, but there is a LOT of work behind them believe me! (You understand that all our logos are hand-made and not from a free database right?)
      • For the favicon & title, you're right, we're gonna fix that!
      • We really did not put the questions & the meanings to "convince" people to spend $80. We did it because we want to create logos that means something and that reflects the values of your project!
      1. 1

        So it's 80$! I was looking for a pricing page but didn't find one.
        (As it we're 3, my wife is just starting with a website and I want to get her a decent logo.)

        1. 1

          The pricing is at the bottom of the homepage! Let me know how our logos fit with your wife's project. (My email address is on my IH profile)

  6. 1

    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

    1. 1

      Oh, because we set it up to keep on eye on who signup. I would like to enrich the data but I didn't found the right solution to do it yet

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