Ideas and Validation September 21, 2020

168 point epic checklist for validating, building and marketing your startup

Vaibhav Namburi @veebuv
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    Awesome list, but I have to say that one thing that keeps coming up over and over again with marketing and 'how-to' guides is that even if you give insider tips and secrets, most people lack the 'hustle' to get through the 168 steps.

    There's more than enough tips and tricks out there to help you successfully market 'product X or industry Y' + checklists + free tools + free credits + cheat sheets + exclusive targeting ideas and so on. The missing piece is the hustle of getting all of that done whilst building and maintaining a business.

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      I agree ..At times a disconnect exists between strategy and execution

      It is often said " dreams are free but the hustle is sold separately"

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      Agreed. So then the real problem is how do you help people hustle? It boils down to motivation & psychology right?

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        Comes down to purpose, the bigger why of why you're doing everything you're doing

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      Couldn't agree more - you can read all the checklists and tips in the world, but in the end its a tough grind.

      When/if you have a chance to read through so of the points, I'm very clear in mentioning the hard work that goes into it

      But to your point, there's no replacement for hard work - which is often the missing piece but at the same time the reason I wrote this down it so help people direct their hard work into something "relatively" fruitful

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    Pretty useful. Thanks for sharing @veebuv

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    "In just these 168 simple steps..." 😂
    Just kidding, this is awesome! I love "40% of users will be very disappointed if app did not exist"

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      Hahaha, even an ocean is made of droplets (simple) if you look at it 😉

      Yeah I loved reading about that process via Sean Ellis' and then reiterated well by Rahul Vohra too! (You should read it if you haven't)

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    Thanks for sharing, will use it!!
    Will share it on LinkedIn

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      Amazing! Thanks mate! Send me a link once you share it!

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    Awesome 🤩 Helpful checklist ✅

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    hey I really liked the list, good resource!

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      Thanks mate! Glad you liked it!

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      Thanks so much Saleheen!

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    That's a lot of "points". Thanks for this. lol

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      It's broken down into categories and each end up being a max of 8-9 :D and tbh most of these take less than a few minutes to do!

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    This is fantastic! I'll be using this for my projects going forward.

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      Amazing! Hopefully, it helps!

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    I was about to reply something like “yeah that’s a big list but as mentioned by @Melomal it’s the continuation of the effort that will bring results”. Meanwhile, I opened the list and it’s really cool to read these advices again and discover new ones.

    Thanks for sharing :)

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      Very happy to were able to pick up a thing or two :)

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    This is awesome, thanks for the share!

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      Absolutely! Thanks for checking it out

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    This is an incredible resource @veebuv - Appreciate the work you would have put into this and this is super valuable! Good work :)

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    Thanks for sharing. It is quite useful!

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      Thanks mate! Glad you found it of value

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    Will definitely use this, thanks!

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    Thanks for this checklist. Will definetely use it !

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      No worries at all! hope it helps!

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    Whew.. that is a tad overwhelming :)

    Seriously though, this a good reminder that the absolute most important skill as an entrepreneur is decision making & prioritizing. Going down this list one-by-one would wind up creating a ton of unneccesary work. But a few of these items might change everything.

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      100% You shouldn't go 1/1 IMO - the best way is just to see which piece matters to you most and attack that.

      TBH the entire SEO section is about 2 hours work to set up and move on forever! And to your exact point, one or two done right can change the game for good!

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    Hey. This is amazing and I will use it. Could you add a total counter (13/168 checked) and a counter for each sub category (referral 2/4) checked. Maybe some styling (darken when not fully checked)

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      Very good point mate! I'll jump on that sometime soon so it actually darkens and gives a count

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    I'm being pedantic and I do think resources like this are good, but I think we as a community should be clear that all 168 items on this checklist are not "must do" tasks for building a business.

    I understand the intention behind this, but I think the main thing we need to convey as a community is that to build a successful business you absolutely don't need to "Calendly integration in drip sequence", "Beta users share ratings on Capterra and G5", "Create engaged Instagram account, post 10 times a day, utilize popular hashtags", etc. etc. The words "must do" are really extreme here.

    To anyone new, don't let lists like this daunt you from starting.

    Building a successful business comes down to the core idea of building something good for the right people - nothing more. No amount of social media posting or klaviyo integrations and drip campaigns will turn your business into a success if your product isn't any good.

    Not trying to put the link down or anything @veebuv - I think there is some good info here, but 'must do' is just an extremely generous term for most of these items.

    Source: built relatively successful ($7k/month) business on my own and have checked off a total of about 5 items on this checklist.

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      Hey Patrick!

      Firstly congrats on the success, very hard to build a business that too one bringing in strong revenue. Totally get the sentiment, tbh the title was to drive traffic, I'll own up to that. I think out of the 168 a fair few are important and some are nice to have.

      I think the value diminishes if this daunts people. My honest intention if anything was meant to encourage people because most basic things founders miss are listed there.

      That list has come purely out of ideating, building and launching 40ish products at (haha not a plug - no one needs to click) and pretty much combined the most important things I realised founders I work with that ended up being a success (exit, raise, >$800k ARR) do.

      I built this list for myself over the past 3 years across different notes and collated it into one.

      For anyone reading, I can vouch that the above is not "must" do's for sure, but if you do them I can safely bet that the chances of growth are better

      And yes you are 1000% right, no amount of marketing or growth hacks can sell a good product, but in my humble opinion a good product just doesn't cut it in 2020 anymore. Built it and they will come days are long gone - ofc I would LOVE to be proven wrong haha (as I'm a product person more than growth)

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      "The most important thing is to get the product right and find the early adopters." - You nailed it, that's this word for word what the checklist is about, its nothing but a super simple pulse check

      Perhaps knowing the most important pieces that most people have found valuable are the Validation, MVP and Onboarding would add light to anyone else reading this too :) all of which have not much to do with growth 😀

      If people follow the Validation and MVP piece well that will inherently lead them to build a product that is fit for a market

      Also...with all due respect, that is a very distasteful analogy

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