17 Link Building Strategies for Developers and Technical Founders

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    Next-level stuff 👏🏼

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    Hey y'all. I run a newsletter on blogging, and quite a number of people asked me about what kinds of link building strategies work for developers and indie hackers.

    Especially ones that don't generate irrelevant spam.

    So I created this list, based on my experience as someone working in tech and building a few different projects -- plus common techniques from the SEO world which can work for developers too.

    Hope you like it or find at least one of the strategies interesting for your project.


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      I found this very special 'Use HARO to get links from the world’s leading publications' because I knew this already but haven't really figure that out. After talk to someone at tony robbins conference.

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    Awesome post. Are you focused on only devs?

    What are your thoughts on these tactics and how they different for a SaaS product or tool?

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      Hey Tharsan. I think these ideas will work for pretty much anyone who has technical skills, whether you want to build links to your tech blog or to a product you're creating. They key is rather that you have unique technical skills you can use to approach these things from a different angle :)

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    A bit lengthy, yet great post!

    I can definitely correlate with the first example of cold email approach and requests of linking. I receive several of those requests about adding links to my blog - SaaSHub. Well, SaaSHub is obviously not a blog and it is super apparent that it was an automated outreach, and they didn't even spent a second considering whether their request is relevant. They are just loosing people's time.

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      Yeah, I think the reality of those email automations is that -- if you do it enough -- the success rate is still sufficient to justify it. Whenever one of those is clearly automated (I get requests that "like" my article which is a category page...) I just hit "Spam".

      Except with Toptal. I actually replied and told them how irritating it was that they were using spammy link-building tactics...and the guy replied and basically pretended he didn't know what I was talking about 🙄

      Thanks for reading despite the length! Hope it was worth it :)

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        I proceed in 3 ways (depending on my mood 🙈)

        1. Mark as SPAM
        2. Just delete (mark as SPAM if that's the third follow up)
        3. Reply with simple questions to spend some of their time (e.g. "in which blog section do you want your link?")
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    Great article!

    Unfortunately nobody ever tried to spam me for link building yet 😢

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      Hahaha don't worry Sebastien, once it comes it doesn't stop :P

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    Thanks for sharing! Very helpful stuff.

    Also, your "self-loathing" email signup popup gave me a chuckle 😋

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      Haha thanks, my small attempt at having a popup that developers won't detest 🤣

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        Totally worked for me, I signed up. Great content + humor = success 😄

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    consumed this article greedily like a waffle with a jam. great stuff.
    have subscribed to the newsletter a few days ago as well so feel like your experience is already sinking in. :)

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      That's so cool to hear! I'm happy you're enjoying it so far.

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    Great article! I've received those spammy emails, and most of the link building stuff you see also involves sending out those spammy emails. These strategies seem difficult, but much more sustainable long term.

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      Thanks for reading, Jack! Glad you appreciate the less spammy approach :)

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    This is an incredible resource, thank you! I am spamming this to everyone I know.

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      Thanks Colin! I'm super glad you liked it.

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    Best article on link building I've seen 💫

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      Thanks for providing feedback on the first draft, Matthieu :)

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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      Thanks for reading! Want to reach me by email instead? My email is in my IH profile.

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          ...You do realize that sending me this copy/paste email where you mention an article NOT on my website, and then asking me to promote your affiliate offer is the exact kind of spammy tactics that I am advocating against in this article?

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