178 Places to Get Free Traffic for your Startup

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    🔥 Nice list
    I encourage you guys to check my tool -🦉 Owwly If you trying to find first 10, 100, 1000 users , it's good place to do that :)

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      Hey Piotr, your website looks awesome!!

      The interface is also quite nice. Currently I'm working on a content on that same topic "Getting your first 100 SaaS Customers", I feel Owwly would be a great match for my article.

      And I noticed you don't have a blog section so in return, I can start writing your blog section.

      I've got some ideas I think you'd like.

      What do you think?

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    This is not so free, time is still in this equation. I prefer cold email drip campaigns to beat right in the target. Knock out the client's door and solve his problem. No to just show up on forums and places with other startups.

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    Solid list. Most places on there are severely overcrowded though. Cutting through the noise on the places where everyone posts is hard. Also you won't really find customers on most of these places unless your customers are other founders.

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      I guess that worst case if you post on all these sites you will massively improve the SEO as well so that you will much easily appear in google searches.

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        that is, if they let you post do-follow links. but yeah that could happen

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    Great resource! Thanks for sharing!

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    Nicely compiled list Saravana. Some of them need to be reverified.

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    Great compilation; I'll use some of these tools to gain traffic for my startup. I want to add that some of the links are dead or quite useless; perhaps you should remove them to save time for the readers.

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    Hey, good job with the article. I’ve wrote something similar about “promoting a mobile app for free” and I added there some of links mentioned as well by you. Anyway if you’re interested to have a look, here’s the link https://cmevo.com/promote-mobile-application/

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    Wow, that's an epic resource! I wonder if somebody also made step-by-step video tutorials on how to submit your site to each of those sites :)

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    I second the comments from other here that most of these places are over crowded but it doesn't hurt posting.

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    Do you check or place your project on all that websites? Usually it's 90% garbage and really demotivated when you try to fill it and it's not work again and again 🥺 I don't talk about traffic at all...

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    I guess you didn't check most of the links.
    I check some links (fb groups), most of the links were dead...lost of time

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    Oh Nice! Keep it up 🙌

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    Thank for the link but its filled with ads i mean the links you have to open them 4+ times to get to actual link

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    Nice list, thanks.

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    I mis Kernal, and which one is the best?

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    This is very useful @saravana! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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    These are great links.

    It would be great if the tables were responsive on mobile. I can't see the URL's on mobile Android.

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    Nice list thanks for sharing.

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