March 25, 2019

17871 Color-Names & color tools

Among others, I am maintaining, what I believe, is the largest collection of unique color-names. To go with it, I created a few tools to help users explore and understand the huge list:
Color Picker (Klick the icon):

Full List:

Color Name distribution: in different color spaces

As well as some tools that are related to color in general and just made a bit nicer by adding unique names to hex values:

color harmony generator:,

color space explorer:,

mouse position based color picker:,

color name bingo:

I am still missing lots of saturated colors. Any idea, how I could generate color values that are the furthest possible then the ones that are already there? (Something like "reverse nearest vector"?)

The repository: There are different ways to submit new names. Via twitter (automated bot is in the making), google docs form and of course via pull request on the repository.

On every push, a list of the new colors is generated:

Also working on a more extensive tool to explore colors in general, that will end up here in a not too far future I hope ;)
It contains some of the tools I have done before, I plan to make an actual product out of this.

Any thoughts, inputs, critiques and of course color name submissions are welcome!

I should add that I don't do this for a particular reason other then enjoying the process of coming up with names, building color tools and optimising the whole workflow that surrounds the maintenance and publishing of the list: