180 days of growth — from 0 to $146k revenue without any funding

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    It sounds like you and your co-founder are similar to me and my co-founder! I liked what you said about reaching out to affiliates as that's something we hadn't thought of yet.

    Those were some great tips on getting feedback from customers and growing fast. Awesome success. Congratulations!

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      Thanks, mate :) Having and being the perfect co-founder is awesome. What are you guys building?

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        True that! Since you asked... we're building Removaly, a tool to remove your personal information from the internet :)

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    Make that 200k once this post breaks Medium :p well done

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    Thanks for writing this.

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    Thanks for sharing! A great post with helpful insight/tools to help launch/plan your product's launch.

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    Great post! Congrats for your journey and thank you for sharing it - a lot to learn from it.

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    Amazing work, well deserved! Loved the transparency of this.

    Is your next focus for growing MRR set around content marketing?

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      Yes, exactly. We have figured out 4 exact buyer persona from our existing customer pool and have priced our monthly plans accordingly.

      Now the sole focus is using content marketing for TOFU and MOFU. I'm still trying to figure our BOFU strategy, I guess webinars and emails will work.

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    Love the breakdown @muntasir.

    Couldn't help myself but let me know if you'd like to give Pagereview.io a try to replace Bubbles. I know a person ;)

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      Definitely, mate :) Pagereview looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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    Jesus Christ, that's some meteoric growth.


    Yes, single-payment offers are a lot easier to sell than recurring payments.

    For this reason alone, I recommend first-time founders to sell some single-payment offers (i.e. lifetime deals, so long as lifetime deal price > LTV of MRR customer) just to see some money coming in and thus keeping motivation high.

    I love how you go so in-depth into the entire process, Muntasir, I learned a lot, and it obviously has been a wild ride so far.

    The refunds do seem a little on the high side, any insight into why that's the case?

    What was the #1 complaint of those who asked for their money back?

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      Yes, exactly. LTD is super helpful for a quick pre-seed round with no equity dilution, you get enough data start experimenting and the journey is not lonely anymore. You can see the impact you are making and keeps you motivated.

      We didn't have a direct upgrade process for lifetime plans. So a lot of the refunds are advocated by me. When a customer wanted to upgrade, I would suggest them to refund the current plan and buy a bigger plan ;)

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    Nice! You started at a low price point and with a LTD. It's risky, but it's good that you've been capitalizing on the much needed user feedback and community building that it came with. There's now opportunities to turn those into product enhancements and customer evangelism for exponential referrals. Keep up the good work👌🏾.

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      Exactly, that is :) Not to mention all the user generated content around the product because of the deal. When we started, we had 0 mention anywhere. Now, it's over 1000 indexed page.

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        Haha niceee, that's pretty good. And it being a low ticket item will surely benefit from all that social engagement. I'll give you a follow cause I like the product.

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    Thanks for the tips!

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        How's the product response?

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          It's good so far. We have an average DAU of 150 and the feedback for the value proposition (saving time with automation) is good.

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            Nice, if possible join my networking server on discord. It's something that might interest you.


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    Congrats @muntasir! Awesome story. Love the 50+ launches and linear growth. Proof that good things happen to those who grind it out - we dream of hockey stick growth and making the front page of hacker news but even if you don't, it doesn't mean you can't still be successful!

    A quick thought on your landing page - where's your testimonials/social proof? With 1000+ customers and an average of 4.7/5 stars, I'd love to see some of that in the hero section! :)

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      Hey John, I was just taking notes from your pricing guideline video last week and discussed the MOAT with my co-founder.

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        That is awesome to hear! I'm flattered! I really like how you've chosen topic reports as your value metric to scale pricing on. I think that's really smart. Also, like that you didn't go freemium.

        We've got a video coming out that we're doing with the team at Copy.ai this week all on surveying customers on willingness to pay and feature prioritization - given that you've got a sizeable number of customers, you might find it useful as you might consider experimenting with increasing that $17 price point in the future!

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      Thanks for the kind words, John :) You just explained beautifully how compound growth works.

      We are actually re-doing the website from this week with social proofs, testimonials and more feature details. It will be up in a couple of days.

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        haha I guess I did, didn't I!?

        One of my favorite quotes:

        "Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn't, pays it." -Einstein

        Not surprised to hear you're already on top of the updates I suggested :)

        Keep it up! Cheers

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    Great post Muntasir - thanks so much for sharing that much information. 180 days to do that is pretty impressive. Best of luck to both of you for the future.

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    Thanks for writing this, Muntasir - so many good insights! Building a strong feedback loop is such a critical aspect in improving a MVP.

    Have you tried out snippyly.com? It's a similar screenshot & collaboration tool to Bubbles but with additional features like annotation tools, debug information, etc I hope you find it helpful!

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    Great post.

    1. When you say - "We launched more than 50 times in less than 6 months."

    What actually does it mean, is it launching in 50 different communities or 50 different features?

    1. What part of your customers came from SEO? Since you're building a tool to write better SEO content.
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    Thanks for the post @muntasir, learned something useful🙂

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