$180 Revenue in November. Numbers.

Firstly, yes, this is a really low number. But this is 3x what I made in the previous month. As I wrote in my first post, I finished adding new products some time ago and took my time to build the MVP. Of course, sales stopped. If you don’t add new products, you don’t sell old products. It’s a simple rule.

In November, when I finished the MVP and finished a new illustration set, I added the Hands Illustrations on the marketplaces. Also, the Lifestyle Illustrations were featured on UI8, so on Cyber Monday I got to the top of the homepage. Despite the fact that it was a period of big discounts, these two factors helped me get ~$170 on the marketplaces. Plus, as you know from my previous posts, I got my first customer with a 50% off coupon and some donations, so it was only $13.

In December I want to try my first ads. Maybe about $100 just to understand how it works. I hope this will be enough to learn how to do advertising, at least in $0 profit, and for the advertising to pay off. But let's be honest: $100 is not enough for a test like this. But I’ll try!

Also in December there are a lot of advertisements and holidays, so perhaps potential clients will not care about my illustrations for their projects.

I’ll keep you informed of what happens; don’t forget to return to my blog for the latest news!

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