1k+ Dropped Domains on Producthunt


I initially thought I'd sell these but some thanksgiving spirit caught me.

Reddit chased the spirit away...

I initially thought I'd sell these but some thanksgiving spirit caught me. Even tho it's not a thing around here. I've been thinking what can I do to help people who's struggling during the pandemic. And always trying to sell something to offer value is exhausting. This time I wanted to give away for no cost. No need to follow, no need to retweet, nothing.

I've gone through producthunt and scraped all the website urls, checked their domain availability and found around 1k dropped domains. If you don't have an idea to work on, looking for a new one. Here are the ones that someone already tried. This doesn't mean those ideas were bad but maybe executed badly or didn't marketed at all. So take a look at the list, check the products out to see why those failed, try to improve and make some profit. 🤞

Forgot to mention that list only includes .com domains. There are some short ones aswell. My favorite is possibly the catgiftv.com. And Up to 98% off domains: Namecheap's Black Friday sale starts Tuesday


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    @anilkilic nice work. There's some good dot coms, names, and inspiration in there. I really shouldn't buy another domain though...

    1. 3


      buys 10s of domains.

      Thanks man, honestly I skimmed through the list to see if everything in place. I don't know it might be helpful for some brainstorming or simply an invalidation list to not go for an idea. Hope it'll be helpful to someone.

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    If anyone wants the ingredient.recipes domain, I could give it for free. I don't need it anymore.

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      Would love that one!

    2. 1

      Thanks for the offer. Sounds like a good SEO keyword domain. It should pick up very fast on Google searches. Upvoted for visibility.

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    Thanx Anil,

    bought two domains from the list , curious if they still have some good links pointing to them

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      I use Ahrefs backlink checker sometimes for quick checks to see high level SEO value of a domain: https://ahrefs.com/backlink-checker

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      Two new incoming projects, great. Keep us updated.

      From what I observe, they seem like they didn't put much effort in marketing. Maybe that's why they dropped them too soon. But who knows, hope you got some impactful backlinks.

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    Incredible, I was thinking about doing this like 2 hours ago. ;)
    Thanks for sharing! 🙏

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      Awesome, I'm glad it save you some time.

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    Cool list Anil! Thanks for sharing :)

    I'm curious how it was to get the data. Scrapping + API for checking domain name availability?

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      Yay, thanks René.

      It was a bit troublesome at first. I gathered the product data from their API, did a few tricks to overcome the rate limiting. It turned with lots of duplicates, cleaning it maybe the most time consuming part.

      Next I wrote a script to make whois queries, it was easier than expected with Python. No need for third party libraries which doesn't worked for me well at first place.

      def whois(u="google.com"):
          """ Queries the given url for whois and returns as a dictionary """
          s = subprocess.check_output(f"whois -h whois.verisign-grs.com {u}", shell=True)
          a = s.decode("utf-8").split("\n")
          obj = dict()
          for item in a:
              if item.startswith(" "):
                  item = item.strip().split(":")
                  obj[item[0]] = ":".join(item[1:]).strip()
          return obj

      Only the registered domains had data in it. To be assure I wrote another script to query and scrape https://www.domainr.com which they weren't happy with my company. After 2k-ish queries they banned my IP so I found this generous people at https://www.domainnameapi.com/ finished the rest.

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        Very cool to see some code & the domain tools you used to get the data you needed.

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    This is great, thank you!

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      I'm glad you liked it.

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