1k signups in 48 hours from TikTok

I started a TikTok account (which is something I never thought I would say) and grew to ~67,000 followers over the past 3 months. My content is exclusively ADHD advice that I wish I had when I was younger.

I posted two videos talking about the common patterns ADHD people have in their careers. We tend to become "Swiss army knife" people at work, and generally gravitate towards tech startups. These videos blew up.

I called this phenomenon "Wildcard People", and created a landing page to see if anyone would sign up for a employer/Wildcard Person matchmaking experiment.

I expected ~20 signups, but received over 1,000 in 48 hours. These weren't simple email signups either, but longer Google Form submissions full of details from incredibly high quality candidates. 30 employers also signed up, ready to hire.

It just goes to show the value of an engaged audience who has a problem you can help solve.

Link: https://wildcardpeople.com/

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    I commented on a similar announcement the other day and it bears repeating...

    In this 'new age' of "woke-ism", "racial/cultural sensitivity", and "environmental awareness" I find it difficult to believe that anyone still uses it. Facebook & Twitter bans anyone out of step with the cultural rules de jour and yet, people still use TikTok which is LITERALLY the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

    If you think I'm full of sh**, read from any of following articles from a variety of Left and Right leaning media outlets.

    Even THEY know the score on TikTok, have reported about it extensively, yet more people care about torching entire cities in the name of "social justice" in the US when slavery, class warfare, ethnic genocide, and economic disparity is being levied upon the Chinese people (oh, and watching cats doing tricks on TikTok). Several Senators are proposing shutting the app down in the US, something that I wholeheartedly support, even though I deplore the very idea of censorship. In this case, I can get behind it.

    My apologies if this sounds rough and I know how hard you all work on these projects. But are you willing to leverage TikTok as a means to an end when it represents so much that is rotten in the world today? I just want people to wake up and learn about what's happening outside the confides of the United States; start looking at the bigger picture. I'm planning to start a nationwide petition against the use of the app in the US just to raise awareness. I hope that anyone reading this will help spread the world and please, stop using TikTok...

    Cheers & No Hard Feelings!

    Here's the promised links -



    TT's Creators - https://www.bytedance.com/en/




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      The issue is not that the average person needs to 'wake up', but that they can only devote attention to a select few issues on any given day.
      In a rational world individuals would prioritise issues based on severity, but we lean towards issues that are closest to us.

      If you believe that using the app is a geo-political threat then pushing for regulation is the way forward. Bringing the ethics of entrepreneurs into question for trying to get ahead is not.

      The author of this post is attempting to directly solve a problem for those grappling with the type of neurological disorder that may prevent them from having the capacity to be worried about more distant issues.

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        It's not that I "believe" that the app is a geopolitical threat, it IS a geopolitical threat and that's been proven.

        And I did NOT bring the ethics of an entrepreneur into question. I am merely educating ALL entrepreneur's interested in using TikTok as a way forward. This all started bc a highlighted post about TikTok's "untapped potential" arrived in my inbox and, yes, it made me more than a little frustrated. And I'm certainly not doubting the nobility of Mr. Merki's intentions. I'm simply reminding folks of the bigger picture that's been very efficiently obscured by our own propaganda machines in the US. Sometimes it's hard to remember the world's problems whenever we have so many of our own here.
        One plus, I have a Mr. Han, I believe his name is, from Singapore following me now bc of this post. He gets it.


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    That's a pretty great idea. Not the TikTok campaign but the WildcardPeople thing.

    I started filling out the "I am a Wildcard" form and then noticed that a LinkedIn profile url is required. I don't think a LinkedIn profile is something wildcards would have or care about.

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    Great news well done.

    Tiktok is becoming THE place to promote work.

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      It has been that place for at least two years now, thanks to its recommendation system.

      I guess the real lesson here is that instead of scoffing at a platform or its users, harness it to your advantage.

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        No, again, I was NOT scoffing at the users. Educating, reminding them yes. I'm not spreading rumors but proven facts and I evidenced by provisioning links to these facts.
        I plan to write an article for the entire community in response to this so no one individual gets their nose out of joint. Why on earth would I "scoff" at someone when I rarely come onto the platform? I'm what you all call a "lurker", I guess, bc I like the idea of creating a project and want to create one but just don't have the idea quite there yet. I helped someone edit the copy for their website the other day so "scoffing" is not my intent.
        But helping is. I'm saddened by the fact that my response illicited such a negative feeling from you when my intent was to inform.

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          I wasn't talking about you.

          I was referring to the prevailing sentiment against TikTok which can be seen on Reddit and Youtube: they are full of posts and videos mocking TikTok users.

          I didn't even read your other comment until just now.

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            Wel, I recommend that you go back and re-read your comment. It doesn't say anything about Reddit and my APOLOGIES for not KNOWING THAT ON MY OWN

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    Yes, TikTok is an excellent platform for promotion. And your experiment proves it perfectly, and I like your idea. I'd participate in this experiment too. Even a few of my friends could get thousands of subscribers and followers just by making videos. I think a startup would benefit from TikTok because it can help the brand move forward. Also, a friend of mine used Tokkz to become more popular on TikTok. It can also help get a quick start, gain an audience and make money from exciting content in his account.

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    What is a Wildcard? I have met one, It's me. Great post.

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    Wow. I own a boutique recruiting firm. This beats the hell out of cold calling. Well done.

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      How are you going to monetize it? There are so many things you can do with this.

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    Thats awesome Robert! A classic case of connecting with Gen Z on their own turf. Any plans on IG or SC?

    NB that Snapchat are throwing money at content creators to stop them going to Tiktok. So if you can repurpose/create that suits SC audiences it may help?

    Can I ask what the metrics are with Wildcard People? Are businesses paying for the job posts on site? Has their been any succesful job placements thus far?

    Again its a great model! Kudos!

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