1st Facebook Ads Campaign: $100 spent! Numbers

Firstly, I know that this is a very small budget even for testing. Since I’m developing this project on my own without outside help, I reinvest the funds that I receive in various marketplaces, since the service itself is not yet making sales.

However, I decided to test a lot of things: the audience, the location and the form of advertising. It turned out to be 4-6 advertising campaigns, each for about $20-25. Naturally, I knew that this was very little, so I did not count on sales; I was interested in reactions and clicks.

Two advertising campaigns were based on posts on our Facebook page. One post was a video showing the price and changing images from the product page on the website. The second post was 4 images with everything the same as in the animation.

The rest of the campaigns were created with the goal of driving traffic; they were made only with animations and with links to a specific product. I tried different products: the cheapest, the most popular and the newest. Of course, I did not advertise Hands Illustrations, as it is the most expensive, although the highest quality in my opinion. I advertised Lifestyle Illustrations and Tokyo Illustrations with animated images from the website, and for Matt Illustrations I did an interesting presentation of light and dark mode.

You will find that in all the media files I have used in ads on our Facebook page, the only thing missing is animations for Lifestyle Illustrations. You will learn in my next post why they are not there and why there will be fewer products on the site.

Despite the small budget of each advertising campaign, some conclusions can be drawn. Of course, there were no sales; I did not count on them. From the posts I wanted activity, and from ads with links I wanted clicks.

The posts didn’t work for us. There was practically no activity. I also promoted my posts on my branding page; for a lower cost I get higher activity.

But one ad has done well. More precisely, it worked much better than the others. The budget was $27 and I got 18 clicks. That's $1.50 per click. I don't know if this is a little or a lot (probably a lot), but this is the best result of my test. The average cost for all my products at the moment is $31, and it turns out I need to make one sale for every 21 clicks for the ad to pay off. If I make two or more sales, then it will be profitable.

Should I run the same ad for the next $100 or test other locations and audiences to lower CPC? If you have any advice for me, please write in the comments below.

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    Clicks are surprisingly expensive. I think you really need to target well to make it work, or the product must appeal to a very wide demographic.

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    I've ran ads for a few different ventures on facebook. For one company, I was selling cell boosters and i was able to get less that 50 cents a click but for another selling intercom units I was getting around 1.50 - $2 per click. I would say it really depends on how niche your market is and whether is a problem they are having. Of course there are other things such as having your target audience right but anyway... Cell boosting devices for example help people who have bad cell service and i was targeting a location thathad bad cell service so it was easy to get cheap clicks.

    I'm not sure if you should or shouldn't re-run the ads but one thing i can tell you is that as more people click and buy, the facebook pixel gets better at identifying who a good customer would be. $100 might not be enough to learn who the customer is especially if it's spread across multiple ad sets. Also, if you are trying to sell, make sure you are optimizing for conversions, and optimize for engagement if you are trying to grow brand awareness.

    Hope this insight helps :)

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      Thanks for your comment, that's really help me!

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    Bill Gurley famously said the most marketing creativity comes from having $0 marketing budget :)

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      ahah exactly my situationahaha exactly my situation

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