2 mistakes people make when promoting on Reddit

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    While I totally agree with you, I'm simply too tired of making "mistake" after "mistake" just to make sure I hit the right reddit or whatever. I've decided my time is better spent elsewhere. Anywhere else.

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      I find it's hard when you're tyring to 'promote' in various threads, lots of rules and they differ most likely.

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        Tell me about it! I've tried quite a bit, but yeah, I just gave it up entirely. Not worth it for me.

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      That's fair, Reddit can be unforgiving. I can see why some founders try it and don't come back after a bad experience. Those that figure it out or get a bit lucky can get a massive boost.

      What are some marketing channels that work for you?

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        EDIT: To answer your question: anything but reddit.
        I'm doing a bit of google ads, now I'm re-experimenting with twitter. Just created an account on tiktok, and will see how to run ads there.

        Unforgiving is to say the least😁I've tried a few times, but I'm really tired of it.

        As for the getting lucky - I feel I have better luck winning the lottery.

        Sure, if you create something for free, maybe, just maybe, you can get lucky - but if you want people to pay for your product, that's a totally different ball game. And from what I see, reddit is definitely not the place for that.

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