2 months on the IH, what's next? Of course, let's start a video podcast!

😅 Time to do something new

Hello everyone. I’m leaving my comfort zone and starting a new experiment. Let’s create some podcasts! 😱 Or video podcasts. I don’t know how you call these.

Where it will take me? I don’t know. Will it even take off? I don’t know. Can I find these answers without starting? No!

🚀 Mission

What’s the topic of the podcast, why me? I keep seeing side projects that become popular and even monetized while also seeing a lot of people holding back with their genius ideas. And I want to change that. The second part obviously. Let’s motivate more people to launch their ideas. If I can start this podcast, you can do your part, too!

When I say projects, I don’t mean only mobile or web apps. I mean everything you create that helps others. SaaS you’re growing, e-books you are selling, courses you’re teaching. Any form of side income.

Real stories, from real people who managed to do it. And I want you to see who they are, hence the video format. It’s not about proving they exist, it’s about better connection. They are real people, not twitter handles or some nicknames. They are ordinary people, like you and me. And that’s the whole point. To bring those people closer to you.

🏷 Name

Name? Not sure yet. Feel free to come with suggestions. I have some thoughts but let’s shape the content first.

📺 Format

Format: 20-30 minutes video, 1 guest, and a fitting episode topic. No mumbo jumbo visual editing. Delivering the plain content. That’s why you’re here.

Are you bootstrapped, indie, funded, big or small – doesn’t matter. You’ll recognize your problems in these talks.

👣 Next steps

Next steps? Well, there are two parts. My part and your part.

My part is to find guests whose stories will be worth listening to. I’ve compiled a list of people, let’s see what they will say about it.

Your part is to subscribe below, for two reasons: a) don’t miss the updates about the podcast, and b) I can get general feedback is this something that people would like.

I like transparency, I’ll let you know if I fail, too. Probably with some lessons learned. Don’t worry about the spam. I’ll re-use my existing newsletter for this experiment, and later if it grows, I’ll split it apart from “Bruno says ✍️” blog newsletter. I hope you won’t mind getting some updates from the blog.

🤔 Am I really sure I want to do this?

No. But I want to find it out. Am I capable of doing it? Who knows, there’s only one way to find out. My strongest assets here are bringing guests that have interesting stories to tell and my will to motivate others to start launching their side projects. Do I have these connections to bring guests? Do I have the ability to motivate you? Stay tuned. We are all about to find out!


If you come so far (and didn't skip, of course), please let me know what do you think about it,

and feel free to subscribe at https://brunoraljic.com/podcast/

  1. 2

    Great idea! I've subscribed :)

    1. 2

      Thanks Krupali. I've already got my first guest. And I was surprised. You'll probably recognise the face. Stay tuned! :D

      1. 1

        Sounds awesome! I'm looking forward to it!

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