2 things to help make 'building in public' a little easier

So I've been trying to lean into 'building in public' a little more, or rather just feeling okay with sharing pieces of my journey with the world. I've come across a couple of things that are helping:

  1. Micro blog: this is the 'friendliest' place I've come across, and the easiest place I've found to share pieces of my life/work (for sure easier than sharing on twitter/linkedin/other social platforms). Honestly, I've never been an instagrammer, but I've been sharing pictures and all sorts. The platform has been described by users as "what the early days of the internet were like". It feels really intimate, really friendly, and there's a bunch of developers and indies on there Here's a 2-min intro video, and feel free to connect with me on there :) | https://micro.blog

  2. Reflection app: is writing what's going on for you and sharing it with the world a struggle? Reflection.app could be a nice 'first step'; it's your own personal journal to get you into the 'writing flow'. I've found the more I engage with the practice of journalling, the easier it gets to share my stuff. Reflection.app is an electronic journal, and you could even copy/paste stuff and hit 'send' in your place of choice. ps. I do a handwritten journal most days, but I've started using reflection.app as a way to start my 'laptop day' (i.e. with an intentional activity that isn't scrolling), and also for the purposes of documenting my 'work' journey and making it easier for me share this stuff publicly. pps. Journalling in and of itself is so useful, I'd recommend the practice to every indie | https://reflection.app

Personally, I find it easier sharing things in the above two places has helped me feel better about sharing things here on IH/on twitter. Give it a go 😊

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    thank you @jasraj! I love Reflection but Micro Blog is new to me. Seems like the perfect way to get out your thoughts and ideas, without the pressure of writing the "perfect" blog post.

    1. 2

      Yes, exactly that! And the community is super-friendly, I'm not exactly sure how the algorithm works but I'm new there and have already had some lovely interations with folks (including someone I'll be having coffee with when I next visit Lisbon) :)

  2. 1

    Very good resources - thanks for sharing Jasraj!

    1. 2

      Thanks Kevon. I've just come across your guide/group, bookmarked :)

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