Developers November 3, 2020

20+ Free Design Resources for Developers

Moemin 🛠️ @muchkler
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    Hey Moemin,

    Great post and thanks for this list!

    I've been passionately working on Scale for the past 5 months. It is free, can be used for commercial purposes and doesn't need attribution. I add a new illustration each day :)

    Would you consider adding Scale to your blog?

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      Thanks for taking the time to read through.

      Scale looks awesome, I'll be sure to include it in the next issue :)

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    Bookmarked! Thnx for sharing

  3. 2

    Great list, definitely dropping this into my pocket for later.

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      checkout can save your favourites in browser login required....

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    Great list, looking forward to using some of these suggestions. I used Uxcel to learn about design, could be a good add when you revisit the list

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      Thank you, will definitely check it out!

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    Nice list.

    If you plan to add tools, I created a Free Favicon Maker that might find a place in your list:

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      Pretty sweet that you get a live preview in the actual tab! Will include it in a later issue.

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    Hey Moemin. What a list!

    Can we add mine?
    It's a pretty popular site. 300 to 500 users daily...

    1. 1

      Cool website, will be adding it in the next issue

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    Great list.
    Yo, show some love for my website dedicated for just this...

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