200 early user signups for Beta

I'm super happy to share with you that today we have surpassed the 200th mark of early user sign-ups for Shortcast - Twitter for Audio. https://www.short-cast.club

Shortcast is a social podcasting platform that enables expressing your thoughts, ideas, and more using voice as easily as sharing a tweet. As well as hear stories of interesting people from around the world and engage.

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    Nice! How's your retention and engagement? What is your northstar metric outside of those two?

    PS: I'd love to see a one-click example of a "shortcast" right on the home page above the fold.

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      Seconded on the example!

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      Hey, @gkamradt thanks for the suggestion. It is highly valuable, I'll add a video for the Shortcast process.

      I am currently struggling with engagement as there is not enough seed content for the existing users to engage with. Which is my priority for the coming 2 weeks.

      My north star metric from the two is engagement as I want to build a content network and not a context network.

      Opem to seeking your thoughts and advice for the same.

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        I hear you on the cold start problem with not enough content.

        I would turn a few of your shortcasts into evergreen content which doesn't go stale. Leaderboard of top shortcasts per topic of some sort. This would ensure that anyone who onboards, regardless of when they onboard will have good content.

        Then auto-cross post those top ones to twitter, youtube, facebook, etc.? For more exposure.

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          This sounds good. @gkamradt
          genre/ topic-based scoring and display will help with engagement.
          Cross-promotion is something that was on my mind but now with your validation, I'll put this on priority.

          What do you think, how should I enable users to start creating? What can be the incentives?

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