January 6, 2020

👏 2020 is the year for personal websites 👏

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

This tweet by Dustin gained some modest attention!

Do you already have a personal website/webpage of your own? If you do, share your page here, and tell us which tool/product did you use to build your page, and why you use that tool specifically.

Let me go first 😎

Page: https://oneprofile.info/iam/yusuf
Tool/Product: https://oneprofile.info
Reasons: Minimalist, modern, easy to use, and costs only $19 per year #🤯

Disclaimer: I created oneprofile.info 🥳

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    Page: thelouras.gr

    Tool: Jekyll. Host: github pages

    I wanted to do it fast!

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    Page: uzpg.me
    Tool: Jekyll
    Reasons: Wanted to train my coding skills and like Markdown and the Ruby language

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    Page: https://www.ItsJamesMurray.com
    Tool/Product: VueJS / Tailwind / Firebase Hosting / Airtable as a CMS
    Reasons: I wanted to learn to code and was tired of all the Wordpress themes.

    I am still in the process of making edits and learning, so any tips/feedback are welcomed!

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    Page: https://nicolaj.dev
    Tool/Product: Vue / Nuxt, Tailwind host on Netlify
    Reasons: That's what I as a frontend developer use normally - I can do rapid development in it.

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    Great stuff, looks a lot like about.me, what's different here might I ask?

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      Thank you!

      I think the biggest difference is that about.me only do personal pages whereas oneprofile.info offers a personal page and also an unlimited number of brand pages e.g. an about page for your business, your pets, your family, your hiking group, college mates, besties etc which can all link to your personal page.

      Another significant difference is in the pricing. The pro plan on about.me costs $79 per year when billed annually or $8 per month...$96 per year billed monthly. Oneprofile.info costs only $19 per year, no monthly plan. Although about.me has a free tier, the free page has massive intrusive banners on the top and bottom of your page—taking the focus away from you when a visitor visits your page.

      Lastly, I think oneprofile.info is gorgeous 😍

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