Growth January 14, 2021

2020 was amazing, but what about 2021?

Simon Hakim @nomis_mikah

I feel like one of those popular people that turn up to places that they feel are more important to be seen at, rather than hanging out with their friends. It happens mostly when I'm busy and why I haven't visited or posted here for a while. So sorry for that.

Last year was terrible for many people, but good for us. We had our best year ever. Partly because of luck, but also because we're used to working remotely in chaotic and complex situations. In fact when we started Hunter, it was our idea to set up a global agency that wasn't constrained by borders, clients or people. Early 2020, the stars aligned and work took off. Of which we are super grateful. Our team has grown 100% and we're still growing which is awesome.

Having said that. With the good comes the bad. I broke my hip cycling so have been on crutches since Sept. 2020. I'm almost finished with the rehab and the one crutch I'm walking with at the moment. But that was prob. the world telling me to slow down a little. Or just sheer bad luck.

So getting back on topic. Life moves so fast when you're busy and things that are important (i.e. Indie Hackers) falls by the wayside. I don't schedule time to check in on people, read posts or just write something random... like I'm doing now.

This year I hope to find more time to do that. But don't also want to make it a forced habit. Do other people feel that way?

So 2021... in relation to setting goals... something that I'm sure most of you have done or are contemplating... I wanted to kind of share mine. At the moment they are scribbled on my iPad and I haven't really shared them with any of my team yet. So I hope you feel super privileged 🤣

I plan to get together with the team for a bit of a planning session in early Feb. So broadly speaking and in beta mode my goal list/thoughts for 2021 looks something like this:

1. What does growth mean to us?

Financially speaking we're in a good place. So setting unrealistic growth expectations isn't for us. Let's be a little more organic and see how things roll out. Instead, it would be good to get growth by reducing our debt position, increasing our cash reserves and by maintaining a healthy level of profit.

2. What does success mean to us?

Being able to say no to clients or projects that aren't good fits for our business. We only work with nice entrepreneurial-minded people, on interesting and fun projects, and for companies that have ambitious pursuits and of course the budgets to afford us? Then we can be selective and continue to enjoy what we do... which is change brands for the better.

3. What do we want to achieve this year as a team?

I'd love for us to improve our systems and processes and become more efficient (but stay nimble). As a creative branding agency... this is always a challenge as we try to balance space and time to create the best work possible against those pesky client deadlines and never ending deliverables. The platforms and systems we are currently using are simply not working for us. We are double handling, being too manual and our current set-up makes us do more work than we need to. This apparently is a common problem in our industry. So it goes without saying that we want it to be as seamless and pain-free as possible.

4. What do we want to achieve this year as individuals (personal goal setting)?

I'm pretty stoked where we are now and with the team we have in place. So for me personally it's more about how can I make time to ride my bike (I used to ride my bike at least 25km every day during COVID / Lockdown) and also get into the office at a reasonable time. Candle burning at both ends comes to mind. I've done that before and it's unhealthy and not sustainable.

Okay... so that's my bit for now. What about you guys? What are your plans for 2021? What do you want to share?

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