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2021 Sep 13 - Sep 24


It's my first post here :)

For quite some time, I'm building Osm Framework - an open-source, insanely fast, unprecedentedly extensible, and fun to work with PHP 8 framework for creating modern Web applications. It's built on top of tried and tested Symfony and Laravel components.

For more details, please visit osm.software. By the way, the website is also open-source, and built with Osm Framework.

From now on, I'll share the progress here every second week. One reason is to be accountable to you guys. Another reason is to find more people who think alike and find it interesting. Let me know if you are :)

What's Done

The osm.software website got a completely new look. There are new blog posts diving into core Osm Framework features. Osm Framework itself offers more convenient page layout, website-wide header, footer and <head>, customizable error pages. The themes support theme-specific CSS styles and JS scripts not bound to any module. New projects come with a handy bin/install.sh script that simplifies installation on Linux. From now on, run osmh without any parameters.

Full Status Update

What's Next

The ongoing work is arranged on GitHub

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