21 apps to become a better friend

Ones professional relations and friends are argued to be one of the most important indicators for ones success.

There are many apps out there for managing (professional) relations. Of course you can use social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, but they're not really tools to keep an overview of your relation status. How often do you contact your friends? What did you talk about?

Myself not using any app for managing my (professional) relations but I'm building an app that's like a little CRM for your friends.

Apps I came across that were interesting:

I feel like the main things that are most important about an app that helps you be a better friend or professional relation to someone, are the following:

  • reminding you to stay in touch
  • reminding about birthdays
  • keeping you motivated to connect more often
  • creating searchable notes about relations
  • easy to set up

I think there is much improvement possible in this space, and that's why I'm building a second version of my own personal CRM app: It's called FriendTime.co

I'm really curious what you guys think about the most important features for such Personal CRM system.

Which app do you use to manage your (professional) relations?
  1. UpHabit.com
  2. RelateIOS.app
  3. Covve.com
  4. HeyKinship.com
  5. Normal Contacts App
  6. Something else (Leave a comment)
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