21+ High-Quality SaaS Marketing Case Studies

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    thanks alot for sharing Dan, great stuff! :)

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    @dansiepen, your website is by far one of the most detailed and value-packed websites I have seen in a long time! There is literally so much information to consume and learn!

    I have been studying the case studies and trying to use the strategies for my product Brutask as well!

    Thanks a lot for sharing these resources with the community. I am sure people are finding it very useful.

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      Hey @siddhitaupare thank you so much for the kind words 😊🙌. I’m super happy you find it value packed, detailed + lots to consume and learn 😊

      Awesome with Brutask! I definitely recommend going through each of them as the detail of each are really good. Always got at least 1 amazing takeaway/lesson from each of them.

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        Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad you like Brutask!

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          No worries :) - The animations on your site are really cool!

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            Haha everything's inhouse efforts of my design agency Brucira

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    Amazing resource Dan, can you add RSS to your blog so I can subscribe via RSS? Here's how to do it → https://university.webflow.com/lesson/rss-feed

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      Thanks @deadcoder0904 and the RSS feed is a good suggestion. I’ll look at the link and hopefully the way I’ve got the pages setup I will be able to do 👌

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    Great stuff! Your site is really becoming a top place to go if you need knowledge about growth hacks, marketing or Startups. I am already curious about all the collections that are coming soon. 🙌

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      Hey @Michael_Sieb thanks for commenting and the kind words, it means a lot as have put in quite a bit of effort into the site. Really appreciate it and more awesome content in the pipeline (just need to find the time to write it all haha 😂).

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    Thanks for sharing. Canva case study is stunning.

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      No worries @codeibrahima 😊. Yes I know the guy who wrote it well and a very smart marketer. Will pass on the kind words to him when I see him next 😊

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    Another high quality resource. Thank you so much!

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      Thanks heaps Max! 😊🙌

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    Thanks for compiling and sharing! Some of the case studies look pretty extensive, I'll book mark and go through them slowly later :)

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      Hey @TimOngTY no worries 😌. Yeah I curated only the highest quality case studies I could find. High quality meaning in terms of length, detail and just value/learnings. Worth going through them all when you get a chance 😊

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    Amazing, thanks for sharing this Dan, some really good case studies here. Book marked for later

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      Thanks @veebuv I appreciate it and glad to hear it's bookmarked :)

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    Love the top 3 favorites section to the right Dan! Went through the Zapier case study and kinda liked it.

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