2200+ VC firms by thesis to find 'best fit' for your startup

Reaching out to the right VC firms is an arduous process.

Any entrepreneur raising funds knows it: identifying the right investors is hard. VC websites are blurry, VC lists are outdated. As a consequence, VCs get overwhelmed with poorly qualified opportunities in their mailbox. It's a vicious circle.

OpenVC flips the script. On OpenVC, investors share their investment criteria and specify how they want to be contacted. That way, founders can focus on the "best fit" funds for their specific case. In return, VCs optimize their deal flow effortlessly. It's a win-win.

The VC industry is moving towards more openness. Heightened competition, new screening technologies, and a stronger emphasis on inclusiveness are the three driving forces behind this shift. VCs today need a better way to be found - and 147 funds have already joined OpenVC.

OpenVC is radically free and open. Anybody can add a fund, anybody can edit data. No login is required.
The whole dataset can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. For free. The ambition of OpenVC is to become a standard entry point for non-proprietary deal flow, and by doing so, make the VC world a little better.

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