Growth February 23, 2020

23 Cheap Growth Hacks under $100 to test

Dan Siepen | Growth Marketer | Co-founder of Cenario @dansiepen

Hey guys,

I wrote a 5000+ post on awesome cheap growth hacks to try on medium under $100 worth giving a test.

Articles is here :) -

Here is the table of contents to check out!

Growth Hack #1 — Get more journalists for your startup
Growth Hack #2 — Increase open rates and replies via cold email
Growth Hack #3 — Want to know your competitor’s customers?
Growth Hack #4 — Get cheap leads without ads
Growth Hack #5 — Not all Twitter bots are dead ;)
Growth Hack #6 — Get a list of all the followers of Instagram Influencer accounts (or even your competitors)
Growth Hack #7 — Put your LinkedIn prospecting on steroids
Growth Hack #8 — Get $1 links to your site!
Growth Hack #9 — Skyrocket your views and reach on LinkedIn = more leads
Growth Hack #10 — Dirt cheap VALIDATED emails via LinkedIn as low as $0.15 and turn your email outreach on beastmode!
Growth Hack #11 — Pay with a tweet — give away 10% once off to increase social proof and awareness
Growth Hack #12 — Spread your content like wildfire and amplify at scale with Quuu Promote
Growth Hack #13 — Blog content, repurpose to slideshare and then get 1000’s of slideshare views = cheap website traffic
Growth Hack #14 — Hiding retargeting cookies for 30 seconds
Growth Hack #15 — Content repurposing at scale through Rev
Growth Hack #16 — Use Facebook messenger to get people to sub to your blog to increase open rates by 80%
Growth Hack #17 — SEO Metadata in 1 click — See content your competitors are using and MAKE IT BETTER
Growth Hack #18 — Get dead cheap traffic on autopilot
Growth Hack #19 — Find out what tools a site uses using Ghostery
Growth Hack #20 — Get a list of everyone who liked an Instagram image or post
Growth Hack #21 — Scrape Slack communities & Auto DM members of slack communities
Growth Hack #22 — Become a beast with Quora by scraping and extracting influencers on certain topics
Growth Hack #23 — Scrape all the users who likes specific Facebook posts, get their bios and send them messages

Let me know if you have had a chance to check it out and keen to here feedback :)

  1. 1

    Lots of good stuff here but not a fan of scraping people's facebook/slack communities.

    Not a good look.

  2. 1

    #22 - What can be done post that?

    Also, Is it fair/common to send messages to people without their approval? I know the purpose but I just want to know if this is fine or not.

    Personally I report spam if its totally not related though, but don't expect messages from strangers. This is personal opinion though but would like to know if it's not a problem to worry about.

    1. 2

      Hey man,

      Yeah totally. It comes down to how you go about it. It is spam if you try and sell the first time and chucking in a hyperlink to your site.

      However it is effective if you want to connect and start conversations at scale, without trying to hard sell. In other words, provoke a question or simply say 'Hi' and introduce yourself.

      Again, personally I haven't done this hack as of yet but it's on my list to do down the track. I've reached out to many via Twitter Direct DM's with the approach of not selling and it's worked wonders.

      1. 2

        That makes sense. Thank you.
        I forgot to mention that I usually get some messages on LinkedIn and they follow the approach you mentioned. They are not too tough to handle as you mentioned.

        Also, if you have any tips/articles on "how to Not Hard Sell", it would be great :)

        1. 2

          No worries man!

          Yeah haha, m any people do this and believe they do it wrong and not custom enough. If you can be smart about it and targeted, then you can do well with this.

          Haha no direct articles I'm afraid on the top of my head. If any do come up, will be sure to let you know. However much of it is common sense anyway :)

  3. 1

    How do you do #21?

    1. 1

      Hey man, you can do this with Phantombuster;

      And then Auto DM with this buster -

      I haven't done this myself personally by the way! Can come across spammy but thought it was clever when I came across this particular hack to test!