23 Genetic Code of Complex Challenges (Day 244)

Reading the book Cracking Complexity, it summarizes the genetic code of business challenges--regardless how complex or different the situations, usually these are the subject areas we will be dealing with:

  1. Who we are
  2. Governance
  3. Our People / Human Capital
  4. Results Management
  5. Internal Economy
  6. How We Work / Core Processes
  7. Information / Information Technology
  8. Support Processes / Functions
  9. Bricks and Mortar / Infrastructure
  10. Long-term Direction Setting & Adaptation
  11. Project Execution / Implementation
  12. Product / Service Innovation
  13. Understanding the Market
  14. Preparing the Market
  15. Key Partners / Supply Chain
  16. Products and Services Quality
  17. Sales
  18. Collaboration for the Common Good
  19. Customer Experience with Products and Services
  20. Customer Relationships
  21. Governance of the Environment
  22. Changes in the Environment
  23. The Customer Reality

This is a useful checklist to make sure we cover all bases. Together with the Business Canvas, it gives a very clear analytic framework for a holistic view of any business.

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