29 days left before 2022 🔥 What do you want to finish & accomplish before the end of the year?

What are your biggest goals for the next 29 days?

In terms of the business, I want to drive MRR for [WeLoveNoCode](https://welovenocode.com/, no-code dev for monthly subscription) from $175K to $500K 😂🔥 My small crazy goal...

From the personal side, I want to read 3 books which left in my "reading list", again, a bit unrealistic.

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    Also, I want to organize New Year with alpaca 🦙 and go into the jungle to look for gold in the river (all these are very serious goals).

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      Ideally, also to start training before New Year.

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    Only 29 days left... how time flies.

    I am finding that my body and mind need some rest and slowing down time. So I will use the time to read and recharge rather than trying to produce something.

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    I had been playing around with an idea for a business. But haven't committed the time to make it happen.

    By 2022 I want to release even the smallest mvp of it.

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      That's exactly where I'm at too, glad I'm not the only one ^_^

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    Finish the Datapedias MVP we wish to launch in January, so we can start new year fresh with a user testing

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    I will build my own saas

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    Love the ambition — I'm pulling for you!

    At Outdone (https://www.outdone.io), we're eager to grow our unique monthly users to 5000+ this month — and hopefully help most of them have a stress-free gift shopping experience.

    I know this will take tons of effort and a bit of luck, but I'm up for the challenge. 💪

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    I want to finish building my MVP for promptly.so!

    Gonna be tough but I'm excited for the challenge.

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    For me, I want to complete my AdventOfSaaS project: https://flashdictation.com/ which I try to build in public: https://kiru.io/articles/adventofsaas2021/

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    Improve my English skills

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    Have some rest and spend time with my daughter and planning some new ideas and projects for the next year :)

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    December will be dedicated to I want to reading books on growth hacking, and learn SEO basic skills.
    I'm hoping to increase traffic to https://beezr.io/ without having to hire someone or a company. Do you think it's doable!?

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    Wow that’s incredible!! I love seeing Indie Hackers crushing it like yourself.

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    Finalize the clear strategy for the next 6 months.

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    I just launched https://remoteleaks.com , got sign ups, And I’m already writing a new database schema this weekend since the feedback was was good. hoping to have the database loaded up with hundreds of companies by the end of the year

    Follow me on Twitter if you want to follow along https://Twitter.com/writecodeordie

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    I would like to finally find my co-founder and start building and improving the project I'm currently working on.

    Quonective - A new professional social network for investors and founders.


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    Love the idea of this pre-2022 check-in. With only so many days left until Christmas and 2022 I'd want to complete as many funding deals as possible to help more bootstrappers, makers and shakers. It's really a word of mouth in angel-type funding that works the best in terms of filtering the noise and actually getting quality projects on your desk.

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    Looking to get more traffic to www.teenlearner.com! More content this month. Perhaps I can squeeze a book in too.

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    I have a couple of ideas and I'm trying to move forward with my fresh registered domains for a new SaaS 😅

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    I want to finish reading 3 books, writing one tech blog.

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    Finally creating my portfolio website of side projects, launching a side project I've been working on for months with airtable and softr, finishing the landing page and dashboard of the first Saas we're creating with a friend

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    I want to have a working version of my first side project, and carry on with app design next year.
    From learning perspective, I have Docker and a few design patterns in my list 📑

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    I plan on finishing my first draft of my new book: Fuck the Slides
    need to fix some stuff and get another few chapters in and it's ready.

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    I started a challenge in November to build 12 projects in 12 months. I have one under my belt. If I can get December's project out of the door I'll have been more productive in the last 2 months of 2021 than all the other months combined. A huge breakthrough for someone who struggles to finish what they start!

    Good luck with your goal @LisaDziuba 🙌

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    I want to finally launch a working version of Eurotripr.com to include destination data for countries, cities, and top sights. Plus a Travel itinerary builder/planner. It has some travel interviews but I really want to light the fire under myself and just finish these open features already! I've been 'building' for far too long and it's time to launch and see if anyone is interested, if it's useful enough to charge for and move on with my life in one direction or another.

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    Drive the first customer and get some initial feedback/validation for my MVP 🚀

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    I'm working on getting two apps to reasonable MVP state before I divert my attention from building and redirect my efforts towards getting feedback and figuring out if they're worth pushing. 28 days (at time of writing) now doesn't seem like that much time :-/

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    We are trying to hit the $1M revenue goal by the end of 2021. 😎

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    More SEO!
    Hiring folks to write long-form, skyscraper-type articles.

    SEO is the one thing I haven't sunk a ton of time or resources into yet.

    I have a feeling it's going to pay off - already seeing good traffic coming in : )

    Good luck in 2022!

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      Did I hear you say long-form articles?

      That's my thing.

      Let's chat Alex.

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    I’m curious how this benefits you. Since you know you won’t reach those goals, what do you get out of setting them? E.g. will you see a higher growth percentage in December? Will you’ve actually read more than in previous months?

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    Looks interesting , but i dont get concept of no code developer ... May i know what actually no developer does . Or help company

    E.g. if i want to build xyz product online
    i need some sort of coding for that

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