3 big mistakes I made with my landing page

I'm building Repro to help developers and testers fix bugs much faster.

Last week I launched my first landing page, but I've struggled with engagement. This is how the page looked yesterday:

Repro v1

Today I re-launched the landing page with some much needed improvements. (You can see the new version here). I'd like to share the biggest mistakes I made, and what I've done to fix them:

MISTAKE 1: I focused on features, not value.

Effective landing pages explain the value proposition, right at the top. I didn't do this. I immediately talked about what the product does, not why it is useful.

How have I fixed this? I picked the most compelling use case I could think of, and made it the story that the landing page tells.

MISTAKE 2: I didn't address the target audience.

I left it to the reader to work out if they were the intended user of Repro. Even if you think it could be obvious, it might not be.

What have I done this time? I created simple user personas and thought about their pain points. I used this to create targeted messaging that speaks directly to these users.

MISTAKE 3: I gave weak incentives for conversion.

A landing page should lead to a conversion, such as starting a conversation, onboarding a new account or signing a user up to a mailing list. My first landing page had a single call-to-action, offering the chance to "Join the waitlist" - hardly the opportunity of a lifetime!

What's different this time? I give users a better reason to convert: early adopters will be fast tracked on to a beta plan and help shape the future of Repro. The CTA indicates this clearly - "Sign up for early access" - and there are multiple opportunities to convert across the page.

The new Repro landing page is live now. I'm much happier with this version, but I know it's far from perfect. What new mistakes can you see? Help me make it better!

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