3 days -- 9 sign ups -- What can I do better?

Update #2 for Junior Boss
3 days since launch --> 9 Wait list sign ups

Issue: Pretty slow sign up rate. Feedback from users who do sign up are really great though. They seem very excited to get started (These are not my friends or family... they're people I don't know, on Twitter)

Why: Twitter isn't necessarily where my users live. I've primarily been marketing Junior Boss on Twitter and Indie Hackers

Plan: Work other channels. Possibly identify teachers or schools to market the app
What are your thoughts on an "Inspiration" page... Collections of videos, podcasts, articles, etc. of success stories - how other kids started and ran successful businesses. I could show a rotating few on the landing page and use that as a magnet to get sign ups and then direct them to "Inspiration" page.

Any other recommendations on how to reach parents who would want to have their kids learn entrepreneurship?

Also, loving Building in Public. Big should out to @LanaRafaela and @disrael who gave me some great suggestions for the page - Copy and landing page section suggestions and also to incorporate social sign up to reduce friction

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    Looking forward to seeing Junior Boss get more traction! :) I think parenting groups (in general, and on Facebook) might be a good fit for spreading the word.

    1. 1

      Yeah, facebook is where I'm going next. Found this great post on twitter on how to use facebook groups effectively

      1. 2

        Sounds like a great resource - I'll check it out! Thank you!

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