3 Must-Have OpenCart Extensions for a Fresh Start in eCommerce business

There's always a favourite (in this case a FEW favourites). Well, they are considered the best because they prove their worth and stay ahead. In fact, talking about the OpenCart extensions that we'll focus on in this blog, they are functional and beneficial. Designed with numerous features, these OpenCart extensions help eCommerce marketers grow and be successful. Hence, we (and many others) like these modules. In fact, you should too!

This blog talks about the OpenCart extensions that are really helpful for your eCommerce business. Hence, we like them and you should too. Now, go ahead and take a look at them.

OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Module

The OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration is not only a smooth way to take your business to the platform but is also a smart way to do it. Further, it helps the admin do the entire setup in a few steps with the help of the API keys. The eBay OpenCart API Integration is a smart way for any merchant to increase the sales and revenues for their business. In fact, the ease of handling both - the store and platform is a cakewalk with the eBay OpenCart Connector. Furthermore, the admin does not have to juggle between the platform and the store synchronizing everything. For instance, orders, order status, product listing, and more. Thus, he can handle everything from the Admin Interface of the module.

Hence, this is why we like the OpenCart eBay Marketplace Integration Extension.

OpenCart One Page Checkout Extension

The second in the list of OpenCart extensions is the OpenCart quick checkout extension by Knowband. The moment the name of the module comes to the surface, we all know how important this one is. In fact, after the long-haul discussions and debates, it was ruled out that the majority of the businesses need one-page checkout. In fact, the changes or the updates that have come in the last few years have made it all the more important. Further, with the OpenCart fast checkout extension, the marketers can design their checkout page as per the need. With 3 different layouts, the admin can choose the one that looks good with the store. In addition, the changes in the checkout fields are absolutely configurable. Last, all this optimization helps increasing sales and reducing cart abandonment.

Thus, this is why we like the OpenCart One Page Supercheckout by Knowband.

OpenCart Google Shopping Integrator Extension

Google is the holy grail for eCommerce marketers. Why? Because it is where their products/businesses rank. In addition, the majority of customers find what they're looking for on Google. Hence, if your products rank there and it helps potential customers find your business. Thus, increasing sales, revenues, and also the customer base. Further, the Google Shopping OpenCart extension helps the admin upload the entire category of products on Google Shopping with ease.

Thus, this is why we like the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration module.

In the End

Well, these were the OpenCart extensions by Knowband that we like. Do you think you like them too? Check them out at Knowband.

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