3 Reasons to Take a Closer Look at Mobile App Stories

Stories emigrated from social networks to brand' apps a few years ago.
Until now, no one can definitely say — do we need Stories in apps or not?

Here it is worth making a digression and saying that not every app really needs Stories. For example, I use Endel every day, which allows me to focus on work, I would not be ready as a user to watch Stories there.

Remark: before Stories' integration brands need to ask "Why are we doing this?", in this content — "Why do we need Stories?"

Below, as a marketer who regularly works with the Stories format, I will give 3 reasons (or tips) why it's time to take a closer look at the already seemingly not new format, joining Uber Eats, Duolingo, Flo, and others.

Stories remove chaos from the app

Indeed, the format allows you to literally put everything on the shelves. You are a big online cosmetics retailer — use each Story for a specific category, and additionally, add several Stories with promotions or other offers.

If you are a complex service or a service with numerous products, then Stories will allow you to group everything into understandable categories and simplify the life of app' users.

Stories bring fun to the app

For example, you are a bank, and you want to tell about loans or mortgages in simple words. In the future, your purpose is to increase the financial literacy of clients so that they can invest using your app. Gamification in Stories will allow you to use tests or games to approach this issue from a non-bureaucratic point of view.

Stories allow you to show users what is important to you and interesting to them

For example, you are Farfetch (why not?) and your ABC analysis showed that no one buys Balenciaga sneakers anymore. But inside the app, some users regularly view product cards with Balenciaga. Group them and show a unique offer in the Stories format.

Ok, I can give you a lot of other reasons.
What do you think about Stories for business?
What other reasons do you see for adding or not adding Stories to apps?

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