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3 Twitter tools to supercharge audience growth

Twitter has come to be the ultimate social platform (after TikTok of course!) to grow your audience and customer base as a business or individual. Here are some tools to make that growth even faster:


If you've ever tried to design anything online, you've probably stumbled upon Canva. In short, it's an online platform that makes designing anything, from logos to infographics, a process of 5s. How is that related to Twitter? You may ask. Tweets with images or infographics get 34% more engagement. That's enough to make you consider the effort required.


Do you schedule tweets in advance? Maybe you should. Consistency is the most rewarded practice on the platform. Being consistent without scheduling your tweets is just impossible. BUT, if you've ever tried to mass schedule, you'll see it takes less time to write the content, than to select the date and actually post. This is what Supertweet does. You click Tweet and it automatically schedules your tweet on a set schedule.


Ever wondered what to tweet next? Well, Tweethunter is the answer. You just open the app and you get bombarded with great tweets to copy and paste on the platform. The tweets are usually tweets >1 year that have done well, so you get the most out of it.

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