30 days of building in public. Notion avatar from zero to revenue.

Hey community! If you have read my previous posts and tweets, you might have noticed sharing my growth and progress has been a big priority for me.

Earlier this year, I decided to become an illustrator from beginner to selling my collections. Following a small success of the previous launch, I'm heading into the 4th series. What I did and the next steps are as follows:

Show your work

The more I show my work, the more satisfied I am. People process visual information faster than text. Therefore, I always enjoy sharing my work Even though it's just scrappy.

Show your milestone

You can't grow your business without a goal. It is important to determine a few quantitative indicators that you would review on a regular basis. It could be the number of products, revenue, success or failure, etc.

Show your curiosity

Whenever you get harsh feedback, be open-minded about it. The more you do it, the more you'll realize it's not painful. The way your audience interprets your work can also be an amazing discovery.

During my previous launch. I built the product in 75 days and crossed the USD 300 revenue line in 7 days after launch. I plan to do it faster this time.

Show your determination

Complete is better than perfect. Launch fast, fix later is my philosophy. In addition, you need to explain to your audience why your work matters and what problems you are trying to solve.

I'm marking the 30th day of my new illustration product aka launch day. Noto is a Notion-style avatar pack that allows you to mix and match over 120 customizable items. There are a million possible combinations.

Create an avatar in the Notion style for yourself, your friends, and your teammates. This is how it works, excited to hear your feedback!

  1. 3

    Great work Felix, another beautiful project that we could follow along on twitter. These avatars are super original and distinctive too. Ever think of making an NFT? 😂

    1. 1

      Thanks bro :) Yes! I've a plan to create an NFT series! Stay tuned!

  2. 2

    Awesome new pack!!! It's amazing that you've also taught yourself illustrating. I'd love to hear more about how you did that in a future post!

    1. 2

      Same! @felix12777 Please could you tell us how you got started with learning to illustrate? Did you do an online course? Watch youtube videos etc...

      1. 1

        @catr @Janinah I took a few courses on Domestika - very helpful courses to help me build up the foundational skills. You can find a lot of illustrations related courses, all good!

        1. 1

          Hi Felix,

          Just looked at Domestika and it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 2

    Congrats! How are sales going?

    1. 2

      Just welcomed the 76th customer 😀

  4. 2

    That's really cool. Congrats!

  5. 1

    Congrats @felix12777, ever thought of turning this into an web service?

    1. 1

      Thank you 😊 what are some examples of web service?

  6. 1

    Hey Felix! Congratulations for your work, the avatars are super cool. I wonder if you plan to launch an online generator…

    1. 0

      I actually found one while searching for " notion style avatars" and it looks pretty darn impressive.

      sorry to burst your bubble... @felix12777

      1. 2

        Not at all :) this tool is based on Open Peeps created by Pablo Stanley, the tool isn’t developed by him but someone portrait it as a Notion avatar generator.

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