30+ free digital marketing tactics (without leaving any contact data) 🚀

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned in few of my previous posts, my main field of interest are marketing tactics. Currently I'm launching a start up - DIGITALFIRST.AI - which main goal would be to aggregate all marketing tactics and recommend them to every business regardless shape and size. We're basing on small input (you can read further here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/my-reasons-to-use-particular-marketing-tactic-and-what-are-yours-2995980d49), to give users maximal output: right sales funnel, set of most useful tactics and AI-generated adequate content to help execute recommended activities.

Since we're still developing MVP and the platform launch is planned for September 29th, right now I'd like to share with you small sample of our tactic library, in order to gather your opinion.

➡️ https://www.digitalfirst.ai/tactics

Let's make a deal that your only payment to use this content is sharing your feedback in the comment. Both comment on our tactics and on marketing tactic definition on it's own would be useful.


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    @niewska, I just registered! I cannot access the link anymore. Maybe repost it? Thanks!

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      Hi! @Colin@CBA, sure thing! Now it's even 50+ tactics to get: https://www.digitalfirst.ai/50tactics. It'll be awesome if you could share your feedback after you check the document out. Thanks!

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