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$300 obo - Biodegradable phone case Shopify store

Hey everyone,
I'm selling a Shopify starter store that I think has a lot of potential. Naturale sells branded 100% biodegradable and compostable phone cases.

Check it out here: naturalecase.com
Buy it here for $300: exchangemarketplace.com/shops/naturale

What is a starter store?

This is just a starter store meaning it's not an established business it's just a jumping off point providing you with a prebuilt store and developed product and brand. This makes it cheaper to buy that a profitable, established business.

What is Naturale?

Phone cases are a huge problem for the environment with millions being thrown away every time a new phone is released. Naturale addresses this problem by selling phone cases made from a bamboo and bioplastic mix making it 100% biodegradable and compostable, leaving no trace when you're done with it. Naturale also takes advantage of POD providers manufacturing and shipping the case from as close to the customer as possible, reducing carbon emissions, as well 100% recyclable packing materials, making Naturale a truly green product.

Why I'm selling?

I built Naturale with the purpose of selling to fund my other projects. I truly believe this business has great potential if you're capable of marketing to an audience who cares about the environment and sustainable products. I'm a developer, I don't have any interest in running this eCommerce business day-to-day.

Why I think $300 is a good price?

If you looks at other starter stores on the Shopify exchange, most are cookie-cutter dropshipping sites with no thought or effort to put in. Here are some of the good things you'd get with Naturale:

  • The work in creating graphic assets, developing the website, sourcing product provider, developing the brand image, etc. has all been done for you saving you a lot of hours
  • Quality branded product with high demand
  • Print on Demand provider meaning no inventory on hand and easily scalable
  • Because it's from a POD provider it'll ship fast to your customer, not month long shipping from China like other starter stores
  • Room for high margins compared to competitors
  • Well designed and developed Shopify storefront
  • All assets included, including logo, product photos, vector graphics, and mockups
  • Sources the cheapest supplier of the product while still providing quality product and on-brand ecofriendly shipping.

If you have any questions or want to make an offer let me know. Otherwise you can check out this listing and purchase here: exchangemarketplace.com/shops/naturale

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    The business looks attractive if it truly has all of the features given. Sometimes people add more benefices than their product has just to attract more clients, and I hope it's not your case. While looking for the price you've put for such a deal, it seems to me that you might be lying. I may be wrong; I remember when I had doubts about buying one personalized case that, as it seemed to me, should have cost a more considerable amount of money. Now I am happy with my case from https://caseface.ie/personalised-phone-case/, so I hope the buyer of your business ends up happy with all of it. I wish you good luck and good selling!

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