320+ Resources to help build your Next Side Project (Lifetime Access)

Launching Side Project Tools

Hello Indie Hackers,
I'm excited to write here about my new product, I created this to help people like me who are starting out as entrepreneurs to make their first digital product.

I struggle a lot to keep all my useful links in one place & I think it is a problem of many too, & often I forget them & I end up searching for them on the internet again which is time-consuming & tiresome. Many times I searched for the same thing which I used in past in many projects.

So I decided to create a simple Airtable Database that I can keep updating whenever I get a New Useful Resource, & which can be easily shared too.

I've Been able to Collect 320+ Resources that are useful for people across a wide variety of Industries. I Continuously add new resources to it & the database grows bigger by each day.

Just to get some money flow I've decided to price this as low as possible with "Lifetime Access" & "Lifetime Free Updates Too"

What is it?

Side Project Tools is Curated with hours of research to find out the Best resources For Developers, Designers, Writers & anyone who is looking to create any type of digital product.

It is the database of the best tools & resources out there from developing to designing to stock assets & many more.

It Includes:-

  • 50+ Developing Resources.
  • 75+ Designing Resources.
  • 20+ Stock Assets Resources (Photos, Videos, Audios, Vectors)
  • 5+ Name Generators
  • 32+ Icons Resources
  • 12+ Typography Resources
  • 30+ Productivity & Tools
  • 24+ Knowledge & Learning Resources (Free Courses)
  • 30+ Blogging & Writing Resources
  • 15+ Inspiration Sources (Web Design, Typography)
  • 15+ SEO & Growth Resources
  • 5+ Social Media Tools & Community Sources
  • 8+ No Code Tools

Why it may be useful to you?

  • Save a lot of time of searching on the internet.
  • All your resources at one place - just a click away.
  • Sort & Find Whatever you need just like an Excel Sheet.
  • Lifetime Access - for a price of fewer than 2 cups of coffee
  • Free Updates for Life

The Free Limited Access Database Can be Accessed Directly from the website www.sideproject.tools without any login or signup.

You can Buy The Lifetime Access Complete Version too @ www.sideproject.tools

If you are unsure to buy?

Then You can Get 80+ Resources for Free by Just entering your Email at the bottom of the website @ www.sideproject.tools

You can DM me anytime on Twitter for any queries.

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