38% of remote employees work from bed. What about you?

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    I work everywhere in the cab, On the bed, dinning table everywhere lol

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    I work from a Café. Or from a desk that I have at home. From bed, never. I can't even imagine doing that for five minutes!

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    A botched regime is the first of the mistakes that former office workers commit, who are "caught" between four walls. The government involves waking up/going to bed and proper nutrition, working time, and rest. A suitable bed that will be comfortable sitting in it makes our work much more beautiful and not to get angry. I got a mattress from https://www.hugoandsons.co.uk, which is so pleased that I could stay in it all day and so I do that I work from home and sit in bed everyday night and anyway I still like to keep in it XD.

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    Sounds fun but my back begs me not to

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    Part of the 38%..

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    I've been doing WFH for close to 20 years now. I've worked from desk, bed, cafe, train, car, you name it.

    Bed is probably the worst -- no matter how you foul yourself, you won't be as productive.

    In my case, I'm most productive from a desk (the one in my home).

    When needed, I can pretty much work from anywhere -- on my laptop. But right now I prefer working actually at home, because I bought a desktop that is roughly 3 times as fast as my laptop 😁So until I'll have enough money to buy a laptop on par (probably 10K usd), I'm stuck at home 😁

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    How am I going to put the second monitor in my bed 😅

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    It's supposed to be bad for sleep to work where you sleep. So I have a second mattress I work on XD

    I find it better for my back to work in different body positions so I try to move around throughout the day- desk, floor, mattress, couch.

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    For me, work never happens from bed. Too much comfort switches on the lazy mode. For me, it is a corner table, chair, fresh air, and good lighting always

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    Many places:

    🪑From a comfy chair
    🍽 The dining table
    🛋 Sofa
    🛏 Bed
    🏖 The beach
    🏢 Separate office

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    For me it's a separate space in my home that is properly outfitted for work.

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    Not a chance. When I'm working from home I'm in my office chair. When I'm remote working, it's where ever is comfiest (sofa, kitchen table, by the pool 👀)

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    I work from a small table in my bedroom.

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    Ive setup a little home office - desk, chair, monitor

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