38% of remote employees work from bed. What about you?

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    I work everywhere in the cab, On the bed, dinning table everywhere lol

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    I work from a Café. Or from a desk that I have at home. From bed, never. I can't even imagine doing that for five minutes!

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    Since I work as a web designer, I periodically work from home and do not go to the office, and God, I love working from home. Recently, I also bought outdoor furniture with my wife from this site https://www.madburyroad.com/outdoor-daybeds/, on which you can even sleep, can you imagine? That's why I hate going to the office, I've never understood this decree from our superiors, but there's nothing I can do about it if they say it means you have to do it. Maybe someday I'll start freelancing, and no one will tell me what to do. But the problem is that I will earn very little for a long time since I will not have clients.

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    A botched regime is the first of the mistakes that former office workers commit, who are "caught" between four walls. The government involves waking up/going to bed and proper nutrition, working time, and rest. A suitable bed that will be comfortable sitting in it makes our work much more beautiful and not to get angry. I got a mattress from https://www.hugoandsons.co.uk, which is so pleased that I could stay in it all day and so I do that I work from home and sit in bed everyday night and anyway I still like to keep in it XD.

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    Sounds fun but my back begs me not to

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    Part of the 38%..

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    I've been doing WFH for close to 20 years now. I've worked from desk, bed, cafe, train, car, you name it.

    Bed is probably the worst -- no matter how you foul yourself, you won't be as productive.

    In my case, I'm most productive from a desk (the one in my home).

    When needed, I can pretty much work from anywhere -- on my laptop. But right now I prefer working actually at home, because I bought a desktop that is roughly 3 times as fast as my laptop 😁So until I'll have enough money to buy a laptop on par (probably 10K usd), I'm stuck at home 😁

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    How am I going to put the second monitor in my bed 😅

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    It's supposed to be bad for sleep to work where you sleep. So I have a second mattress I work on XD

    I find it better for my back to work in different body positions so I try to move around throughout the day- desk, floor, mattress, couch.

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    For me, work never happens from bed. Too much comfort switches on the lazy mode. For me, it is a corner table, chair, fresh air, and good lighting always

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    Many places:

    🪑From a comfy chair
    🍽 The dining table
    🛋 Sofa
    🛏 Bed
    🏖 The beach
    🏢 Separate office

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    For me it's a separate space in my home that is properly outfitted for work.

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    Not a chance. When I'm working from home I'm in my office chair. When I'm remote working, it's where ever is comfiest (sofa, kitchen table, by the pool 👀)

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    I work from a small table in my bedroom.

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    Ive setup a little home office - desk, chair, monitor

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