4 Lessons We Should Learn From The Most Productive Countries 🌎

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    Hey, @siddhitaupare!

    Good read all around - it seems like these lessons can be applied to a much broader scope of areas than just work. Taking breaks and not burning out is an extremely important matter. I try to always have this in mind when working on BotMeNot, a bot protection scoring service I'm currently developing.

    However, what I found particularly interesting, and applicable to me, especially in these times when working from home is the 4th point. It doesn't need to be a beer (or any drink) but it's a good practice to have a sort of a mini-ritual that will delineate your work time from your leisure time!


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    Good blog topic Siddhita! Appreciate the time you spend in writing.

    Keep writing. Such blogs should go in my remote job site - https://www.sairemotejobs.com/ but I don't have time for it or honestly, I don't know to write such articles!

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